Are you looking to update the interior design of your home? Møbel is an AI-powered tool that can help you transform your living room, bathroom, or hotel lobby with the magic of Artificial Intelligence.

How It Works

Using Møbel is simple:

1. Upload a Picture: Upload a picture of a room, preferably with furniture.

2. Specify Room and Style: Let Møbel know which room you want to transform and your desired style.

3. Choose Variations: Select the number of variations you want and wait for the results!

Quality and Precision

Møbel uses state-of-the-art AI models to generate high-quality and precise interior designs from the pictures you upload.


· Personal Gallery: Save your favorite transformations for easy access and inspiration.

· More Precise Transformations: Discover even more precise transformation options.

· Share and Discover: Join the community and explore thousands of ideas created by users like you.

Seen On

Møbel has been featured on various platforms and continues to grow its collection of inspiring design ideas. Join the movement and be part of the Møbel story!

With Møbel, you can transform your living room into a modern showcase, a cozy Scandinavian retreat, or a classy French country setting – all in a matter of seconds.

What's your story? Show us with Møbel today. Join now and let the magic of AI transform your living spaces.

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