Miro Assist

Simplifying Teamwork with Miro Assist: Your AI Partner for Innovation

In today's fast-paced world, the ability to quickly generate ideas and align team members is essential for innovation. That's where Miro Assist steps into the limelight, offering an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the brainstorming and decision-making process. Currently in beta, Miro Assist is accessible for everyone to try out without any cost.

Miro Assist harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to expand your team's thinking and rapidly move to the next phase of your projects. How does this work in practice? It's all about turning the complex into the simplified.

Main Features of Miro Assist:


AI-Powered Mind Mapping: Dive into new concepts or topics, and allow AI to sketch out a mind map that organizes information in a digestible manner.


Insight Visualization: After customer research sessions or workshops, instantly visualize valuable insights through presentations and action lists to bring everyone on the same page.


Sticky Notes Summarization: Imagine boiling down thousands of sticky notes into the essence, enabling you to pinpoint key takeaways and set clear next steps.


Sticky Notes Clustering: Discover patterns by smartly grouping notes by sentiment or keywords.


Technical Diagrams: Communicate complex systems by instantly producing sequence diagrams from your descriptions.

The Perks of Using Miro Assist:

Beloved by innovative companies, Miro Assist has several advantages worth noting:


All your content is kept in one space, cutting the need for multiple tools, thereby increasing efficiency and focus.


The platform is customizable, allowing admins and users to tweak Miro Assist's functionalities as per their organizational needs.


Privacy and data security are paramount, with the assurance that customer input is not used for model training without clear consent.


High-quality security and compliance standards are maintained through partnerships with entities like Microsoft Azure OpenAI.

While Miro Assist is still in beta, this period allows users to take full advantage of its features at no cost, giving feedback that shapes the tool's future.

Getting Started with Miro Assist

Wondering how to get onboard? Accessing Miro Assist is a breeze. The platform offers guidelines and Q&A resources to enable users to effortlessly utilize the tool to its full potential. And while English is the current language of operation, plans for multilingual support are on the horizon.

Join over 60 million users who are enhancing their collaborative efforts through Miro. Sign up and start integrating Miro Assist into your workflows.


Miro Assist could be the missing link in your endeavor to boost efficiency and inspire collective intelligence within your team or organization. As with any tool, it's about finding the right fit for your needs, and with security, simplicity, and innovation at its core, Miro Assist aims to be just that.

For individuals eager to optimize their collaborative efforts, Miro Assist is the silent facilitator behind countless successful projects, seamlessly blending into your team's dynamic. Less time on mundane tasks means more room for the creative process – give it a try and see how it can transform the way your team operates.

Discover more about Miro Assist through the Miro website and explore the potential it holds to enhance your team's productivity and creativity.

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