MindReader is an innovative AI profiling engine designed to help businesses engage with their clients more effectively. Using the combined power of linguistics and physiognomy, this tool provides personalized insights and communication recommendations based on your client's psychological profile. With MindReader, you can enhance your communication strategies and reduce barriers by understanding your client's unique preferences and communication style.

How It Works

MindReader's process is simple and effective. Here's a breakdown of how it operates:


Input Data: Upload a picture of your client's face or gather at least 250 characters written by them from social media posts, chat messages, or other digital traces.


AI Analysis: Our proprietary AI model, 'Magic', uses linguistics and physiognomy to analyze the input data and predict your client's psychological type across four categories.


Personalized Insights: Based on the analysis, MindReader provides recommendations across a variety of communication scenarios, from approach to objection handling, tailored to your client's psychological profile.

Client Categories

MindReader categorizes clients into four distinct types, each with its own communication preferences and engagement strategies:

· Knight: Clients who prefer tried-and-tested options, engage in specifics, and use straightforward language.

· Explorer: Clients who dress casually, prefer freedom and flexibility, and engage through informal language.

· Healer: Clients who appear warm, approachable or dress uniquely, engage with meaning and purpose, and prefer intimate language.

· Wizard: Clients who come across as confident, cold, or aloof, engage in intellect, success, and achievement, and prefer sophisticated language.

Benefits of MindReader


· Personalized Communication: Tailor your communication strategies to match your client's unique personality and preferences, leading to higher engagement.

· Time-Saving: Save time by understanding your client's needs and preferences from the beginning, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth conversations.

· Improved Productivity: Increase your productivity by engaging in more effective and meaningful conversations with your clients.


· Relies on Analysis: MindReader's effectiveness depends on the accuracy of its analysis, which can be subjective or may not capture the full complexity of human behavior.

Client Testimonials

Clients have experienced significant improvements in their communication and engagement strategies using MindReader. One client, James Sim, a senior marketing director at ERA, shared his success story: "After categorizing my client, I just did a very simple thing. It became the client that asked me to go down to the show flat, instead of me asking. In the end, I closed the deal and made a 5-digit commission."

Empower your communication strategies with MindReader and see the difference it can make in your business relationships.

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