Message Game AI

Struggling with finding the right words to say when online dating? Message Game AI is here to help! This personalized AI wingman is specifically designed for online dating scenarios, created by experienced dating experts to help you send over 98193 AI-powered messages.

Message Game AI has sent over 51,000 messages, collected 94,000 messages since 2016, and is based on the critically acclaimed book "The Message Game." It also has its own podcast, the AI Online Dating Podcast.

Unsure if this tool has proven results? Check out what others have to say about their experience:

"I've had dates every night the past week and at this age a guy can only stay up till [sic] am so many times before it starts to wear you down."

"I went from one date this year to 5 dates in a week. I even used it with a random person on Instagram and it worked flawlessly."

"MGAI landed me a date! It's an awesome tool. Pretty congruent to how it spells too."

Given the rave reviews from its users, it's clear that Message Game AI is a powerful and highly effective tool for those seeking to improve their online dating performance.

Ready to transform your dating game? Try Message Game AI today with a 7-day free trial and take the first step towards connecting with incredible people. Get ready to experience the ultimate online dating wingman at your side.


  • Personalized AI-powered messages
  • Designed by experienced dating experts
  • Statistically proven positive results


  • Requires some effort to learn effectively
  • Not an alternative to genuine personal interactions

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