Discovering Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Mendable.AI for Beginners

Introduction to Mendable.AI

Imagine a platform where AI can absorb your company's technical knowledge and provide instant answers to related questions. Meet Mendable.AI, a curated application that lets you train an AI to become a chatbot guru familiar with your documentation, product manuals, and other resources. Whether you're looking to bolster customer support or empower your workforce, Mendable.AI is designed to integrate seamlessly into your organizational framework.

How Mendable.AI Works

Upon setup, you connect your diverse data to Mendable.AI, and the chatbot begins to learn from this information. Once the learning phase is complete, it stands ready to serve your employees and customers, handling queries with precision.

Getting Started with Mendable.AI

Step 1: Connect Your Data

Go to the Mendable.AI platform and use either the graphical user interface or the API to feed your data into the system. Depending on your workflow, you can opt for manual or automated ingestion methods. Be assured, the process is straightforward, and your journey to creating a knowledgeable chatbot commences.

Step 2: Customize Your Chatbot

Tailoring the AI to your needs is key to a beneficial outcome. Here’s what you can customize:

· Select the Base Model: Choose from various base models, including the latest GPT-3.5-Turbo and GPT-4.

· Train Through Answer Correction: If the AI's response isn’t quite right, you can correct it, and the AI learns in real-time.

· Edit the Prompt: To ensure consistency in tone, prevent misinformation, and meet format requirements, you can fine-tune the prompts given to the AI.

Step 3: Keep Your AI Updated

Maintain the relevancy of the AI’s knowledge by scheduling regular data updates. Schedule CRON jobs or set up webhooks to sync your data consistently with Mendable.AI.

Step 4: Define Privacy and Support Parameters

· Configure Privacy Settings: Mendable.AI respects privacy needs by offering custom LLM options.

· Customer Support Link: Add a fallback support link for scenarios where the AI needs a human’s touch.

Step 5: Continuous Improvement

Keep your AI model sharp with continuous training:

· Correction-Based Learning: Improve accuracy by correcting errors, helping the chatbot learn and evolve.

· Adjust Model Creativity: Keep the AI’s responses within the desired range of creativity and factuality.

Components and Integration

  • React and Vanilla JS Components: Whether you're a React aficionado or prefer the simplicity of Vanilla JavaScript, Mendable has you covered.
  • API Access: Directly interface with the Mendable API for ultimate control and customization of your AI appli

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