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May 17, 2024 from Decisions

Discover The Future of Efficient Meetings

Imagine if you could optimize every aspect of your meetings – planning, engagement, follow-ups – with the help of artificial intelligence., an innovative feature from Decisions, makes this possible. It’s a game-changer for anyone who runs or participates in meetings, making the whole process more productive and impactful.

Transform Your Meeting Experience is a smart tool designed to harness the power of AI in meeting management. Developed from years of insights gained from working with the world's top organizations, it's no ordinary program – it’s a seamless enhancement to your existing workflow, particularly if you operate within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. With Microsoft 365 integration, works effortlessly with your favorite apps, helping you leverage AI effectively.

Prioritize Data Security and Privacy

At the core of's development is a steadfast commitment to ethical practices. Data security and privacy are top priorities, ensuring users can trust their meeting information is handled with the utmost responsibility.

Before, During, and After: How Changes the Game significantly enhances the typical meeting lifecycle:


Before the Meeting:


Use the Agenda Builder and premium templates to plan and prepare.


Collaborate and co-author seamlessly to set the stage.


During the Meeting:


Encourage participation and engagement with tools designed to make meetings more dynamic.


Meeting Engagement Scores and annotations boost interactivity.


After the Meeting:


The Meeting Book Generator helps compile outcomes and follow-up actions.


Optimize your post-meeting processes for efficient results.

Meeting Recap: Miss Nothing

Have you ever forgotten what was decided during a meeting or missed one entirely?'s smart recap feature provides a concise summary of crucial details, distilled from meeting chats, transcripts, and more. This tool is especially beneficial for all meeting attendees who need to catch up or confirm what was agreed upon.

The Intelligent Agenda Builder

Time is often wasted in creating meeting agendas, but no more. The AI-driven agenda builder scrutinizes available information, such as invitations and chats, to suggest relevant agendas that you can customize. It's a must-have for meeting organizers who value streamlined preparation – saving time for more critical tasks.

AI Assistant: Your Personal Meeting Mentor

The AI Assistant is like having a personal meeting expert at your fingertips. Engage with the Decisions AI assistant directly within Teams to initiate, enrich, or modify upcoming meeting agendas. This feature shines for those who wish to quickly integrate topics into future meetings without hassle, allowing for richer content development and deeper insights.

Explore the Features

Eager to see in action? Delve into the features and experience how it can transform your meeting culture. Whether you're a team lead or an executive assistant, this tool adapts to various roles and requirements, streamlining the end-to-end process of meetings and enhancing overall productivity. redefines how meetings are conducted, ensuring each one is as productive and impactful as they should be. Integrating intelligence into your workflow has never been easier or more secure, and this is just the beginning. Explore the possibilities with and bring a revolution to your meeting practices.

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