Medical Chat

Are you in need of instant medical assistance for human or veterinary healthcare? Meet Medical Chat, an advanced AI assistant that can provide immediate answers to any medical queries.

What Can It Do?

· Get immediate human or veterinary medical answers for treatment, patient education, and drugs

· Easily export and import conversation history

· Efficiently query suggested follow-up questions and search PubMed libraries

· Create and save custom prompt templates to eliminate manual typing

· Seamlessly switch between different LLM models

Diagnosis Report

· Generate a Differential Diagnosis (DDx) report

· Create patient-specific clinic plans, including differential diagnosis, patient education, and medication recommendations

· Easily save, edit, and share clinic plans via private links or within the community

Professional Sources

· Derived from thousands of professional medicine textbooks and advanced medical articles

· Offers advanced search capabilities for PubMed articles

· Provides professional veterinary treatment plans, drawing from an extensive database of over 2000+ veterinary books and 10000+ online veterinary articles


· Conversation history data is stored exclusively within your browser and not on the servers

· Available LLM models include the proprietary Medical Chat model, in addition to ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4.0

· All answers are based on medical books or articles, and original sources are provided at the end of each conversation message

What's Coming?

In the future, Medical Chat is developing embeddable medical chatbot and API services. Stay informed about the latest updates and news by following Medical Chat on Twitter and joining their Discord community.

Pros and Cons


· Instant medical answers for human and veterinary healthcare

· Differential Diagnosis (DDx) report generation

· Extensive database of veterinary books and online veterinary articles


· Responses are based on information available at the time of training and may not always be accurate or complete

· Limited LLM models available at present

So next time you're seeking reliable medical assistance, look no further than Medical Chat—a trusty companion for all your human and veterinary healthcare needs.

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