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Mayo Studio: Your Gateway to Professional Headshots with AI

In today's digital age, a headshot is more than just a photograph; it's a personal branding tool. Whether you need a professional photo for LinkedIn, a business portrait, or a casual image for your social media, the quality of that picture can speak volumes. Enter Mayo Studio: an ingenious application designed to put the power of professional photography into your hands, leveraging AI to turn selfies into remarkable headshots.

An Intuitive Photography Assistant

Mayo Studio - AI Headshot uses state-of-the-art generative AI technology to transform a collection of your selfies into high-quality portraits. The process is astonishingly simple:

  • Start by selecting 10 photos from your camera roll. To ensure the best outcomes, you might want to adhere to the app's guidelines.
  • Decide on your desired style. The app offers various options ranging from formal, suitable for business use, to more laid-back looks for your everyday social media presence.
  • After choosing a style, let Mayo Studio's AI work its magic. It will generate a variety of portraits for you.
  • Review the AI-generated portraits and pick the one that best suits your needs.

This straightforward approach makes the app not only user-friendly but also incredibly efficient, delivering results that could rival those captured in a photo studio.

Tailor Your Images with Style-Based Editing

Mayo Studio's recent update opens up a world of creative possibilities. The new Style-Based Editing feature means that you can now take any image generated by the app and refine it to match the mood of your desired platform. Whether you're aiming for a nuanced refinement or a dramatic makeover, the variety of styles available allows you to put a personal touch on your headshots. It's a great tool for infusing your images with personality and ensuring they stand out.

What Users Are Saying

The feedback for Mayo Studio suggests that users are finding it exceptionally useful for creating headshots for platforms like LinkedIn. Some users have noted the occasional image that looks less authentic, but with a generous batch of 100 images to pick from, the odds are in your favor to find the perfect shot.

Accessibility and Convenience

Downloading Mayo Studio is a breeze. The app is free to download and offers in-app purchases should you decide to generate a batch of headshots. The convenience offered by Mayo Studio is unparalleled, making it a practical alternative to traditional photoshoots that usually require more time and investment.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple steps.
  • A broad selection of styles to match your personal brand.
  • Quick turnaround time for generating portraits.
  • Affordable option with significant cost savings over traditional headshot sessions.


  • Some images generated may not live up to user expectations.
  • An in-app purchase is required to access the full batch of headshots.

In conclusion, Mayo Studio - AI Headshot is bridging the gap between professional photography and the digital native. By utilizing this app, you're equipped with a tool that's not only cost-effective and time-efficient but also capable of producing high-quality portraits in the comfort of your home. For those in need of fresh, professional-looking images, this app may just be the perfect solution.

For more details on how to use Mayo Studio and to review their terms of use, check here.

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