Embrace Efficient Scheduling with Mayday

Modern life demands an organized approach to managing the precious hours of our day, and Mayday is here to revolutionize the way we plan. Crafted for Mac, iOS, and iPad users, this application combines the functionalities of a calendar, task manager, and an intelligent scheduling assistant.

Time slips by unnoticed when we're at the mercy of inefficient planning tools. Thankfully, Mayday tackles this problem head-on. It harnesses artificial intelligence to assist in carving out time for meetings, prioritizing tasks, and organizing your day with finesse.

A Deeper Dive into Mayday's Offerings

Auto-Scheduling for Every Aspect of Your Life

Juggling between commitments has never been easier. Mayday deftly suggests ideal times for your appointments and duties without the need for decoding others' availability.

AI for Everyday Tasks

Mayday's AI capabilities extend to task management. Input your task's duration and deadline, and it suggests the perfect slot to ensure completion.

No-Fuss Rescheduling

When life throws a curveball, Mayday smoothly adjusts your plans. Its automatic and one-click rescheduling aligns with your dynamic lifestyle.

Intelligent Scheduling Links

Create scheduling links with built-in AI support, allowing others to book time with you while protecting your privacy and preferences.

Upcoming Features to Watch Out For

AI-Powered Chat Assistant

Soon, your calendar will double as a personal aide, highlighting critical schedule items and letting you concentrate on your professional talents.

FYI Events

Stay informed about events without getting overwhelmed. The FYI feature minimizes less crucial items to declutter your timeline.

Tailored Time Windows

Mayday respects your preferred availability, using it to guide the scheduling of various events.

Smart Tags

To better organize and automate your calendar, Smart Tags classify events.

Seamless Calendar Integration

Mayday mirrors events across your calendars, ensuring you reflect your commitments accurately and avoid double bookings.

Necessary Buffer Time

The app smartly places "buffer" time before and after events, giving you moments to transition or take a well-deserved break.

Effortless Menu Bar Access

Stay informed on the day's agenda with the menu bar feature, offering quick access to join meetings straight from your desktop.

Convenient Widgets

Keep an eye on your day with Mayday widgets, which showcase upcoming meetings and monthly overviews for iOS, iPad, and Mac devices.

Mayday unites your different calendar services, like Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, and Apple iCloud, ensuring a seamless organization experience. And with Swift UI native apps available across macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, your scheduling becomes a breeze no matter your Apple device of choice.

While Mayday excels by offering innovative AI scheduling tools, prospective users should weigh the app's capabilities against their specific needs. The primary limitation is device compatibility since it's tailored exclusively for users within the Apple ecosystem.

Overall, with its intelligent features and sleek design, Mayday stands as a formidable companion for those seeking to conquer their schedules and optimize time management. An organized life awaits with Mayday by your side.

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