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Mano AI

November 22, 2023
Mano AI

Mano: Your AI-Powered Business Partner

Meet Mano, the latest tool developed in partnership with GigaML that is revolutionizing the way enterprises work. Mano, an AI-powered tool, leverages advanced AI technology to bring fine-tuned LLMs (Language Model Models) to enterprises, granting businesses powerful features that can revolutionize their operational processes.

Key Features of Mano

  1. Secure Chat: Enabled with secure chat capabilities, Mano allows your team to communicate and collaborate within a secure environment.

  2. Workplace Search: With powerful search capabilities, you can easily locate documents and information using Mano, streamlining the search process.

  3. Custom Chatbot: Fully customizable chatbots integrated into Mano, allowing for tailored communication with different stakeholders as per your business requirements.

Watch Demo: Check out Mano in action by watching our short demo here.

Advantages of Mano

  1. Complete Ownership: With Mano, you own your intelligence. Incorporate LLMs with zero-risk and full ownership, tailored for your enterprise.

  2. Protected Data: Your data is of utmost importance. With Mano, your data is deployed onto your cloud or hosted securely, ensuring compliance and reducing risks.

  3. Versatile Applications: Mano's capabilities extend to various applications such as Enterprise Search, Conversational Q&A, Support Chatbots, and more, making it a versatile asset for your business needs.

  4. Powerful Models: Enjoy fine-tuned LLMs customized for your data and usage. Mano presents unique differentiators compared to other products relying on OpenAI, offering a powerful edge against competitors.

  5. Scalability: Regardless of the volume or source, Mano provides access to your data sources and references specific data on-demand, guaranteeing compatibility with terabytes of data and diverse sources.


Mano stands as a valuable ally for any enterprise working towards enhanced productivity and efficiency. With its secure and customizable features, businesses can streamline communication, boost data security, and leverage AI-driven solutions to build a competitive advantage. Built by leading developers, Mano is poised to reshape the way businesses operate, becoming an indispensable entity in every company's tech arsenal.

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