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Discover the Magic of Formula God for Google Sheets

If you've ever found yourself getting lost in the formidable forest of spreadsheets, dreaming of a guide to lead you through the thicket of formulas and graphs, look no further. Allow me to introduce Formula God, a tool that seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets, designed to simplify your data analysis journey.

What is Formula God?

Imagine having a conversation with your data. That's the experience Formula God offers. It's an innovative add-on for Google Sheets that operates as your personal data assistant.

Key Features

  • Charts & Graphs: Quickly generate visual representations of your data.
  • Formula Generator: Attain the power to craft formulas with ease.
  • AI Insights: Get intelligent insights by simply asking questions about your data.

User Experience

The tool is accessible directly from within Google Sheets, opening to the side of your sheet. It reads the data and interactively responds to your queries. For instance:

  1. Ask it to Create a Chart by saying, "Make a graph of our sales from Q1 to Q3."
  2. Obtain Formulas on Demand with a prompt such as "Generate a formula for the total sales split by each category."
  3. Gain Real-Time Insights with questions like, "What category should I invest more time into?"

Harnessing AI for Your Data

What sets Formula God apart is its advanced AI capabilities. Need to apply complex formulas to your sheet? Just chat with the addon, and it will provide you with customized, in-depth insights on how to tackle your data tasks.


Users have heralded Formula God as a game-changer:

  • Deena Levies mentioned, "Using formulas in Google Sheets is now so much easier! It's my own personal assistant."
  • Tom Smithenson found that the add-on "has saved me so much time and frustration!"
  • Craig Green felt a productivity boost, saying, "It's so easy to use and makes my workflow smoother."

Plans and Pricing

Getting started with Formula God doesn't require an elaborate ritual. You can dive into the free tier or explore further offerings that expand your dominion over data.


  • Simplifies complex data tasks
  • Integrated AI provides personalized assistance
  • User-friendly; does not require switching tabs
  • Free plan available


  • Relies on a stable internet connection for AI features
  • May have a learning curve for non-technical users

Dive into the realm of efficient data management and analysis with Formula God. With its intuitive interface and cutting-edge AI, it's akin to wielding the power of a deity within your very own spreadsheets.

Learn More About Formula God

For support and terms, feel free to touch base with its creators, Liam & Andrew, and consider joining their mail list for updates and more.

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