MaigeHave AI Tool

The MaigeHave AI tool is designed to help you label your issues, saving you time and making your workflow smoother. It can be overwhelming to deal with a substantial number of items requiring label assignments, and this AI tool seeks to help with that tedious and time-consuming process.


· Great for Repos: It is a helpful addition to any repository and works well with common repo tools, expediting the time-consuming process of issue categorization.

· Free to Use: This AI tool is available for you to use with no cost, allowing you to figure out if it's the right tool for you.

· Smart Automation: With its unique AI, it accurately categorizes new issues as they come in, lifting the task from your shoulders.

· Customizable Instructions: Maige AI is built with flexibility in mind, allowing you to teach it custom categories or special instructions.

Used by and Open Source

The MaigeHave AI tool is used by professionals and developers and is open source, confirming its transparency and allowing developers to extend and build upon the code.


The MaigeHave AI tool, developed by Rubric, provides an intelligent solution to a common problem. Offloading the tedious task of issue labeling to a machine learning tool can be a tremendous help in simplifying your workflow and saving time.

Pros and Cons


· Simplifies a time-consuming process

· User-friendly integration with repository tools

· Smart automation for new issues

· Flexibility in case of custom instructions


· Might require familiarization period

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