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Magician for Figma

November 22, 2023
Magician for Figma

Creating magical designs may sound like the work of a magician, but with the Magician beta tool, you don't need to be a wizard to make it happen. Magician is a design tool that's powered by AI and it's available right in Figma. Let's take a closer look at this incredible tool and explore how it can assist you in your design projects.


  • Wave Your Magic Wand: Design with the power of AI. Generate unique icons from text and use it for anything you need.
  • Cast Magic Spells: Unlock the power of magic to boost your creativity and imagination as you design. This AI tool can assist with copywriting, imagery, and design elements in a snap.

How Magician Works

The concept of this design companion is simple. With Magician installed in Figma, you can simply input your text and witness the AI as it creates unique and stylish icons, write fantastic copy, and help you generate on-brand imagery. Just like a magic spell, the tool supports the user to expand their creative horizons. It's like having a part-time graphic designer, copywriter, and visual artist all in one place!


  • Saves time on simple design tasks
  • Great for generating ideas and finding inspiration
  • Intuitive AI interface


  • May not fully replace the creative input of a human designer
  • Limited functionality compared to a design suite


Magician is a great tool for any designer seeking to expand their creative process. It's like a magic wand for your design work, making once time-consuming tasks into a simple flick of your 'magic wand'. Whether you need a quick icon, some inspiring copy, or a unique image, Magician's got your back.

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