MagicForm: Your Go-To Tool for Effortless Quiz Creation

In the realm of digital education and assessment, there's a tool that stands out for making quiz creation a breeze—MagicForm. This innovative app seamlessly integrates with Google Forms, and it's designed with educators, HR professionals, and anyone in need of generating quizzes swiftly in mind.

Hassle-Free Quiz Making

Have you ever wished to craft a quiz without the tedious task of manually devising each question? That's where MagicForm shines. The app offers a straightforward two-step process that revolutionizes how you create tests and quizzes:

1. Get Text: Grab the text from a source of your choice. Whether it's a Wikipedia article, data from a PDF, or content from a website, simply copy and paste it into MagicForm.

2. Enter Info and Generate: Insert the copied text, specify the desired number of questions, select the question type, and hit the Generate button. MagicForm takes it from there, automatically crafting the quiz questions for you.

Who Benefits from MagicForm?

MagicForm is a versatile app suitable for a wide range of users.


Teachers and Schools: Educators can now generate fresh question sets within minutes, preventing the repetitiveness of previous years' assessments.


HR Teams: Human Resources departments can quickly create assessments from compliance documents or policy changes, ensuring timely and efficient employee evaluations.


Publishers and Edtech Companies: By using MagicForm, these entities can conduct their assessment creation in-house, significantly cutting down on time and financial resources.

Added Features for Enhanced Quiz Making

The tool isn't just for text; it extends its capabilities to multimedia:

· Youtube to Quiz: Convert educational video content into engaging quizzes.

· PDF to Quiz: Transform any printable material into a set of questions.

· URL to Quiz: Use online articles or web pages as a base for your tests.

Getting Started with MagicForm

Ready to explore the simplicity of MagicForm? Here's how to begin:

· Install MagicForm for free through Google Forms Add-ons.

· Use the app within Google Forms to create a variety of quizzes.

· Access the Getting Started Guide for comprehensive instructions.

Support and Privacy

MagicForm is backed by robust support to assist you along the way. If you face any issues or have questions, the app's support team is there to help. And when it comes to your data, you can rest assured that it remains private and secure. MagicForm is all about empowering users without compromising privacy.

Try MagicForm Today

With MagicForm, creating quizzes has never been more straightforward or more efficient. The app's convenience, coupled with its ability to handle various content sources, makes it an invaluable tool for anyone involved in education or training.

Experience the power of AI-driven quiz creation. Simplify your assessment process and elevate your educational content with the ingenuity of MagicForm.

· Learn more about MagicForm for Education

· Explore MagicForm for HR Teams

· Discover how Publishers and EdTech companies use MagicForm

The digital revolution in quiz making awaits. Install MagicForm and transform the way you approach quizzes and tests today.

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