Magic Loops

Streamlining Your Tasks with Magic Loops

Welcome to the world of streamlined automation where Magic Loops offers a revolutionary approach to simplifying your daily tasks. Interested in having meal plans emailed to you every Sunday? Magic Loops can effortlessly automate that for you. Setting up these loops is simple and takes just minutes.

Real Estate Data Simplified

For real estate professionals, Magic Loops makes data collection a breeze. With the ability to scrape and gather essential information like names, emails, and phone numbers from marketplaces such as Real Estate One, you can stay updated with actionable data delivered in a convenient JSON format.

Job Alerts and Subreddit Insights

Job hunters can get weekly alerts for new job postings from the MLC careers page, sent directly to their phones every Saturday morning. Additionally, those interested in swing trading have the option to receive a daily email roundup of top posts from relevant subreddits, keeping them in the loop with the latest market discussions.

Organizing Your Calendar

Scheduling events has never been easier. With Magic Loops connected to the Nylas API, your calendar is managed through simple webhooks. After setting up a Nylas account you just need to authenticate, copy your access token, and select your calendar to get started. Testing the setup is straightforward, and you can send a JSON trigger to add events to your calendar seamlessly.

Rain Alerts and Slack Channel Management

Living in San Francisco and want to know if you should carry an umbrella? Magic Loops sends out text alerts when it's raining in the area. For team collaboration, Magic Loops assists in Slack channel management. By creating a connected Slack channel every time a user signs up, bolstering communication becomes automatic.

Setting up a Slack App, obtaining an API Token, and testing the loop involves similar ease of use. Initiating these loops just requires a simple JSON webhook or a cURL command, and you're all set to sync your new Slack channels.


Magic Loops provides a user-friendly platform that empowers you to automate almost any imaginable task in minutes. Real estate professionals, job seekers, stock enthusiasts, and event planners alike can benefit from its straightforward setup and versatile functionality. The process of automation is as simple as creating a loop, setting up triggers, and then letting Magic Loops handle the rest.

While the advantages of using Magic Loops are apparent, one should be mindful of potential drawbacks such as the need for some level of technical familiarity to set up more complex loops or integrate with third-party APIs. Furthermore, as with all automated systems, there's a dependency on the reliability and changes to the external services connected. However, for the most part, the pros outweigh the cons, and Magic Loops stands as a compelling solution for automating your digital tasks with ease.

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