Embrace Creativity with Magic: The Drawing and AI App for Mac

Technology and art blend seamlessly in the world of digital design, and Magic is a testament to this beautiful symphony. Developed for Mac users who have a special place in their hearts for creativity, Magic is a drawing app that harnesses the capabilities of your Mac to provide an enchanting and intuitive platform for self-expression.

Precise Drawing with Your Trackpad

The central feature of this app is the ability to use your Mac's trackpad as a magic canvas. Whether you own a built-in trackpad or use an external one, Magic transforms it into an accurate drawing tool. This means you have the freedom to sketch, doodle, and illustrate with incredible precision, right at your fingertips.

AI-Powered Creativity

Magic takes things a notch higher by integrating an AI assistant based on Stable Diffusion. This cutting-edge AI helps to refine your existing artwork or assists you in crafting entirely new pieces with a touch of digital intelligence.

Pressure Sensitivity

For those seeking a more nuanced drawing experience, Magic leverages the Force Touch trackpad's pressure-sensitive surface. This feature allows for meticulous stroke adjustments, adding depth to every line drawn.

Brush Customization

No artist's toolbox is complete without a variety of brushes. With Magic, you can tailor your brush to suit your project's needs. Adjust the fill styles, size, pressure, and opacity to design the perfect brush that resonates with your artistic vision.

Layers and Pages for Organized Artwork

Organizing your artwork is just as important as the creation process itself. With Magic, you can employ layers to build complexity in your designs or turn them into pages, viewing your project as if it's a sketchbook.

Please note that full features are available with Magic+ and Magic Unlimited purchases.

For updates and bug fixes like the recent version 3.5.1, which addressed some bugs and optimized file sizes, keep an eye on the app’s update history.

Despite the unfortunate review from a user experiencing issues on MacOS Monterey, the developer is proactive in offering support and solutions, showcasing their dedication to a smooth user experience.

The app is said to handle data practices with privacy in mind, a reassurance for those cautious about their digital footprint.

For compatibility, Magic requires macOS 12.0 or later, and it supports multiple languages including Portuguese and English, catering to a broader audience. Additionally, the developer has rolled out family sharing for in-app purchases, making it easier to share the magic with loved ones.


  • Enhanced drawing precision with trackpad use
  • AI-assisted artwork creation
  • Customizable brushes for tailored artistry
  • Organized artwork with layers and pages
  • Privacy-conscious data practices
  • Active developer support for troubleshooting


  • Full features are behind a paywall (Magic+ and Magic Unlimited)
  • May encounter compatibility issues with certain macOS versions

In summary, Magic is a versatile and innovative app designed for artists and creative minds looking to explore the fusion of art and technology. With an assortment of features tailored for drawing and enhancing artwork, mixed with the convenience and sensitivity of the Mac’s trackpad, it stands as an inviting platform for both budding and experienced digital artists.

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