Imagine having an AI-powered tool that removes the hassle of editing, analyzing, and sharing documents. Meet Macro!

What Macro Can Do for You

Here's a quick breakdown of what Macro, the free AI-powered tool, can offer:

· Product: Macro offers snippets, templates, and styles with team sharing, making collaboration easier. Plus, you can edit and redline PDFs and DOCX in Macro's modern editor.

· Redline: With advanced tracking, merging, and redlining, managing your documents becomes easier.

· Analyze: Macro helps you understand docs and scan for risk, greatly simplifying the process of making decisions.

· Share and Store: Sending a link, attachment, or signature is easy, and storing and exporting key data points has never been simpler.

Who Is It For?

· Law firms: Draft and review contracts faster, and easily compare redlines.

· Legal departments: Reduce dependency on outside counsel, making your life easier.

· Hedge funds & private equity: Analyze contracts to close deals in a shorter time frame.

· Real estate professionals: Review leases, loans, and other real estate documents much faster.

· Executives & sales professionals: Macro can help streamline your workflow and not let legal processes slow down your deals.

· Everyone who reads & writes: With you and AI combined, wonders can happen.

Macro vs the Rest

· Macro vs Adobe: A faster PDF work alternative to Adobe.

· Macro vs Litera: The world's top law firms prefer Macro.

· Macro vs Word: A modern, AI-powered free Word Editor.

What Can You Expect?

· Fast Reviews: Fewer edits mean faster deals, enabling you to close transactions quicker.

· Legal Document Focus: Macro is designed with legal documents in mind, ensuring minimal delays, risks, and maximum efficiency.

Trusted by the Industry

Macro is trusted by the world’s top banks, law firms, investors, insurers, and the Fortune 500. It's a game-changer for anyone dealing with legal documentation.


Simplify your workflow with Macro! Whether you're a law professional, executive, or just someone who uses AI to make life easier, this tool has you covered, allowing you to achieve more with every document you handle.

Give Macro a try and experience the difference for yourself.

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