Are you tired of jotting down notes during meetings, lectures, or personal recordings? Meet Lodown - a tool that records and transcribes audio into notes, making it easy for you to review important information without manual note-taking.


With Lodown, you can:

  • Capture every detail with ease and precision
  • Quickly understand insights about a specific theme or topic discussed in a recording
  • Edit your auto-generated notes to suit your needs
  • Utilize a powerful search engine to find any information in your notes
  • Listen to the audio and read the transcript simultaneously

Use Cases

Here’s how Lodown can be beneficial for different users:

  • Students and Teachers: Ideal for recording and transcribing lectures, whether in-person or remote.
  • Personal Use: Helps in recording and transcribing personal notes, allowing you to focus on what really matters.
  • Businesses: Ideal for recording and transcribing meetings or calls, making it easier to keep track of important discussions and decisions.

Pros and Cons


  • Efficient note-taking without manual writing
  • Easy editing and searching of notes
  • Perfect for students, teachers, and business professionals
  • Simultaneous reading and listening features enhance user experience


  • Automatic transfer of notes to the new beta version might cause inconvenience for some users

Sign up for free and experience the convenience Lodown brings to your note-taking process.

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