LlamaChat: Chat with AI Models

Now you can chat directly with AI-powered models from your Mac using LlamaChat! Engage in delightful conversations with a variety of LLaMA models, all from the comfort of your machine. LlamaChat easily imports raw PyTorch model checkpoints.

Chat with Hundreds of AI Models

LlamaChat offers a collection of models for you to explore. Chat with different AI personalities, including the charming Alpaca model. This version of Alpaca has been fine-tuned using instructions from OpenAI's text-davinci-003, providing a unique conversation every time.

Superior Conversion Process

LlamaChat makes it easy to import raw published PyTorch model checkpoints directly into the system. It also allows for seamless integration of GGML model files.

Powered Open Source

LlamaChat is an open-source project, built using llama.cpp and llama.swift. It's a 100% free tool for everyone, providing a transparent look at how things work.

Easy to Use

Download LlamaChat to your Mac or through Homebrew with just a few simple steps. Regardless of your processor type, LlamaChat is perfect for both Intel and Apple Silicon users.

In sum, LlamaChat is a remarkable AI tool for chatting with a variety of open-source models, all conveniently available on your local Mac. Combining ease of use with a fun and engaging AI model library, this will surely be popular with AI enthusiasts.


  • Free and open-source
  • Chat with a variety of AI models
  • Easy conversion of PyTorch and GGML model files
  • Simple to use and integrate


  • Narrowed to macOS 13 and above
  • Not compatible with Windows or Linux platforms

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