Are you tired of browsing endless recipe websites only to find nothing that fits your meal criteria? LittlecookAI takes the hassle out of browsing and brings the perfect recipes to you, tailored to your specific ingredients. Whether you're looking to put a new twist on your meals or just use what you already have stored away, LittlecookAI crafts unique recipes based on your selection.

How Does LittlecookAI Work?

  1. Choose Your Ingredients: Start by selecting up to 5 ingredients from our extensive list of options.

  2. Get Personal: LittlecookAI makes the recipes even more fun! Provide your name, and it becomes a part of the recipe title.

  3. Enjoy: LittlecookAI will then create a recipe just for you featuring your chosen ingredients, with a bit of personalization thrown in.

A Small Taste of Our Ingredients

  • Oats: A versatile ingredient, oats can add a burst of nutrition and flavor to your dishes.
  • Potatoes: Whether mashed, baked, fried, or roasted, potatoes are a pantry staple and can be used as a base or an accompaniment in many dishes.
  • Noodles: Enjoy a fusion of flavors with the multitude of ways to use stir-fry or boiled noodles in your culinary delights.

Stay Tuned

We're currently available for iOS and web users. If you're eagerly awaiting us on Android, we're coming later this year.

Feedback and Suggestions

We're eager to hear from you! If you have any feedback, suggestions, or just want to stay connected, you can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and our own blog platform.

Join us today in the never-ending search for your perfect recipe match. With LittlecookAI, meal variety and creativity are just a few ingredients away.


  • A quick and easy way to find recipes based on specific ingredients.
  • Tailored recipes with personalized titles for that fun touch.


  • Currently available for iOS and web users only.
  • Limited to 5 ingredients; might not cover all needs or more complex recipes.

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