Lintrule: AI-Powered Code Review

Lintrule is a fantastic tool that's perfect for helping you make your code the best it can possibly be. This AI-powered command line tool uses a large language model to handle your code reviews, helping you enforce policies that your linter can't catch and find bugs that even your tests won't spot. Lintrule does all of this and more, without taking up your team's valuable time.

Getting Started

With Lintrule, you can get started for free without needing a credit card. Installation is also a breeze:

· Install the CLI: Use the provided curl command to get the Lintrule client installed on MacOS, Linux, or WSL.

· Write rules in plain language: Easily define rules that match the needs of your project in simple, expressive language.

How it Works

As you integrate Lintrule into your workflow, you can run checks on your codebase. The tool works in parallel to quickly examine your files:

· File Checks: Lintrule analyzes your files and provides instant feedback.

· Twitter Love: Many developers have commended Lintrule for being a game-changer in the development process, showing its real impact.

· Pricing: The platform provides you transparent pricing, giving you an estimate based on the size of your repository, making costs predictable and manageable.

Estimating Your Costs

Estimating your future bill with Lintrule is easy:

1. Small Projects: With around four contributors, your monthly cost could be around $20 per ruleset.

2. Large Projects: With about 55 contributors, the cost might go up to $150 per month per ruleset.

3. Really Large Projects: For massive projects, with approximately 190 contributors, the cost could be in the ballpark of $250 per month per ruleset.

Installation & Usage

Here's a quick look at how you can set up and utilize Lintrule:

1. Installation: Simple installation with a provided command.

2. Usage: Configure your codebase with an easy setup process and start using Lintrule.


· Lintrule runs on diffs?: Yes, Lintrule runs on git diffs by default, making it effortless to use in your workflow.

Pros and Cons


· Straightforward and easy to use, even without a deep technical background.

· Provides clear and detailed analysis of your code.

· A cost-effective way to ensure your code is high quality.


· Not ideal for non-technical users.

· May have a cost barrier for extremely large or numerous repositories.

In summary, Lintrule is an impressive tool that will certainly make a difference in how you approach your code reviews and bug checks. If you're passionate about creating top-quality code, give Lintrule a go; it's like having a personal code reviewer in command line form.

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