Discover the Convenience of LinklessGPT: Your Gateway to Hassle-Free Browsing

Navigating the web comes with the relentless task of clicking on links, not knowing if the destination is worth your valuable time. Wouldn't it be great if you could get a summary of what's behind a link without having to click on it? Meet LinklessGPT, a clever tool designed to streamline your browsing experience.

Simplify Your Web Journey with a Chrome Extension

LinklessGPT comes as an easy-to-install Chrome extension that integrates seamlessly with your browser. Once added, it equips you with the power to preview the contents behind any link. It's like having a personal assistant who quickly reads and summarizes articles for you while you peruse the vast expanses of the internet.

Power-Up with Your Personal OpenAI Key

With LinklessGPT, your browsing becomes smarter. By utilizing your own OpenAI key, the tool leverages the efficiency of AI to provide concise and reliable summaries of the web content you're interested in. This means each summary is tailored to your personal browsing needs, powered by advanced AI technology.

One-Time Purchase, Unlimited Access

The beauty of LinklessGPT lies in its economical one-time purchase model. For just $9, reduced from the original price of $3.99, you gain lifetime access to this tool. Say goodbye to recurring monthly fees and hello to unlimited, forever usage.

Instant Product Delivery via Email

When you purchase a license for LinklessGPT, the product is delivered straight to your inbox. This ensures a quick setup so you can begin transforming your internet experience with no delay.

Embrace User-Friendly Web Surfing

Pere Ayats, the creator behind LinklessGPT, has poured a great deal of care into this project, as indicated by the heart symbol that signifies the love and dedication infused into its development. If you're ready to upgrade your browsing routine, LinklessGPT offers an innovative solution.

Evaluate the Benefits of LinklessGPT


· Saves time by providing summaries without leaving the webpage

· Enhances your browsing experience with AI-powered efficiency

· Eliminates the risk of clicking on unsafe links

· A one-time payment ensures lifetime access

· Easy to install and use with Chrome


· Currently available only for Chrome users

· Requires an OpenAI key for personalized summaries

LinklessGPT is not just another browser extension; it's a step towards smarter and more efficient web consumption. Embracing simplicity and convenience, it stands out as a tool for anyone looking to enhance their online interaction.

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