LIDA: Automated Visualizations with LLMs

Are you finding it difficult to create visualizations for your data? Do you struggle with exploring unfamiliar datasets and setting meaningful visualization goals? Look no further because LIDA is here to help. LIDA is an AI-powered tool that automatically generates grammar-agnostic visualizations and infographics from your data. Whether you work with Python, R, C++, or any other programming language, LIDA can create visualizations in any grammar represented as code. Let's take a closer look at what LIDA has to offer.

Features of LIDA

  1. Data Summarization:
  • LIDA summarizes your data into a compact but information-dense natural language representation, providing a grounding context for all subsequent operations.
  1. Automated Data Exploration:
  • If you're unfamiliar with a dataset, LIDA provides a fully automated mode that generates meaningful visualization goals based on the dataset, effectively providing exploratory data analysis for free.
  1. Grammar-Agnostic Visualizations:
  • It doesn't matter whether you prefer visualizations created in Python with Altair, Matplotlib, Seaborn, or any other tool. LIDA is grammar-agnostic and can generate visualizations in any programming language or visualization grammar.
  1. Infographics Generation:
  • LIDA goes beyond traditional visualizations and can convert your data into rich, embellished, engaging stylized infographics using image generation models. This is perfect for creating data stories and personalization for branding, style, marketing, and more.
  1. VizOps Operations on Generated Visualizations:
  • LIDA also offers operations on the visualizations it creates, such as providing detailed descriptions of visualization code, applying multi-dimensional evaluation scores for visualizations represented as code, and more.

Pros and Cons


  • LIDA provides a conversational interface for easy interaction.
  • It works with any programming language or visualization grammar, adding flexibility for users.
  • The tool goes beyond standard visualizations by offering infographics generation, making it versatile for various data presentation needs.


  • The AI-generated visualizations may not always match human creativity and judgment.
  • Users may need some familiarity with programming to fully utilize LIDA's capabilities.

In conclusion, LIDA offers an innovative solution for anyone who needs to quickly and easily generate visualizations and infographics from their data, regardless of their programming language or visualization preferences. With its automatic data exploration and grammar-agnostic approach, LIDA opens up new possibilities for data visualization, making it a valuable tool for data scientists, analysts, and anyone working with data.

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