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Lexica Aperture

November 22, 2023
Lexica Aperture

Lexica Aperture v3.5 Dimensions: 832 × 1152 Slow: 4922–4928 ms Fast: 0 ms Generation speed

Lexica Aperture v3.5 is an AI-powered tool for custom image creation. By entering a description or phrase and uploading an image, you can produce custom images that match your prompt using advanced AI technology.

Enhanced Image Generation Speed

The Lexica Aperture tool brings speed improvements, generating images in just 0ms, a significant improvement from the previous version.

Innovative Dimension Optimization

The tool automatically handles dimensions, now offering 832 × 1152, making sharing on various platforms easy.

Seamless Description Integration

Aperture provides the perfect image to match any description, whether it's architecture, landscapes, or fashion.

Improved Performance

The tool handles image generation needs without compromising quality, bringing reliable results faster than ever before.

Lexica Aperture v3.5 offers a future-ready solution for image generation requirements. Input your description, upload images if you like, and enjoy beautifully rendered results.


  • Incredibly fast image generation for increased productivity.
  • Automatically optimized dimensions eliminate the need for resizing.
  • Augments written content by adding perfectly matched images.


  • Since it's still AI, sometimes the interpretation of the text might be slightly off, requiring a few iterations to find that perfect image.

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