Lee AI

Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Do you need someone to talk to, but can't afford a therapist or can't find the time to go to one? Meet Lee, your personalized Mental Health Avatar. Lee is a friendly AI-powered avatar that is designed to respond to your personal needs and provide support whenever and wherever you need it.

Why You Should Use Lee


· Lee offers its services at a much lower cost compared to local coaches. With the enormous development of technology, Lee is able to offer its services 50 times cheaper than a local coach, making mental health support more accessible to everyone.


· Access coaching at any time and any place, even in remote regions. No more long waiting times or travel costs to the big cities. Lee makes it easy to get the support you need, whenever you need it.

Data Assessment

· Get data evaluation after each session and track your progress over time. Lee provides a comprehensive analysis to help you understand your development and growth throughout the treatment cycle.


· Anonymity is crucial for strengthening well-being. With Lee, you can open up to a digital coach, leading to more accurate and faster treatment. Say goodbye to the anxiety of contact.

Data Security

· Lee offers the highest standard of data security and encryption, ensuring that your information remains protected and confidential. With fully encrypted data and secure connections, you can trust that your privacy is a top priority.

Fast and Efficient

· By using the latest technology and open source platforms, Lee can provide a very efficient model that is passed on directly to the customer. With fast workflow and secure connections, you can rely on Lee for timely and effective support.

Endless Future Prospects

· With significant growth and development in the AI industry, Lee is at the forefront of innovation. The future prospects are endless, and you can trust that you're getting the best of AI-powered mental health support.


· Cost-effective: Offers services at a much lower cost compared to traditional coaching.

· Accessibility: Available at any time and any place, even in remote regions.

· Data Assessment: Provides comprehensive evaluation and analysis.

· Anonymity and Data Security: Strengthens well-being and ensures privacy.


· Lack of human touch: Some individuals may prefer in-person interaction for support.

Lee-AI brings together technology innovation and culture innovation to provide accessible and affordable coaching for everyone, anytime, anywhere, in any situation. Give it a try and see how Lee can make a positive impact on your mental well-being.

Remember, your mental health matters. Lee is here to help you on your journey to a healthier and happier life.

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