LayerNext is a powerful AI platform designed to make managing computer vision data easier, faster, and more efficient. Whether you're just getting started with AI, or you're a seasoned developer, LayerNext has something for every ML team.

What You Can Do with LayerNext

Visualize and Explore Data

· Easily visualize, explore, and search large datasets

· Curate your data using metadata, labels, and model predictions

· Search data with metadata, labels, and predictions

· Find edge cases with similar image search

· Understand datasets with feature embeddings

Auto Labeling and Annotation

· Use auto-labeling to speed up annotation tasks and save time

· Label images and videos with many annotation types

· Create customizable workflows and boost efficiency

Model Performance Evaluation

· Evaluate model performance by comparing and contrasting the outcomes of your models

· Find data gaps and debug model and label errors

· Compare model performance against dataset versions

· Improve model performance using built-in Active Learning tools

Build for Developers by Developers

· Every ML team deserves enterprise-grade tools that can help them ship models faster

· Integrate all data pipelines using Python SDK

· Share data between third-party apps using REST API

· Create custom data pipelines based on your needs

Pros and Cons of LayerNext:


· Ideal for teams working with large datasets and complex workflows

· Offers automated workflows and tools to boost productivity

· Versatile and customizable for unique workflow needs


· May have a steep learning curve for beginners

· Pricing and access to certain features might not be suitable for smaller teams

If you're looking to supercharge your AI team productivity and collaborate with purpose-built data tools and automated workflows, LayerNext could be the game-changer you need.

Don't let data operations slow down your AI projects. LayerNext is flexible by design and secure by default to streamline your workflow and accelerate the AI development process.

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