Are you tired of spending so much time making sense of your data? It’s time to speed up your workflow and gain insights faster. The Latitude AI Assistant is here to help you do just that.

Streamlined Workflow Stop managing multiple tools and platforms. With Latitude, you can tackle your data, build reports, and share insights all in one place.

Built for Data Analysts Don’t get bogged down by bottlenecks in your workflow. This tool is designed to help you connect, build, and share reports rapidly, so you can move forward quickly and efficiently.

Multi-tool Integration Say goodbye to hunting for data across tools and platforms. Simply plug your data warehouse and other data sources straight into Latitude and start your data analysis journey immediately.

Easy Modelling Build your data and generate insightful, impactful charts that tell your data story. You won’t need to be a data modeling expert either. It’s made easy for everyone.

Automated Reports Deliver automated reports and deep insights without the struggle. Share what you’ve discovered effortlessly and help your team make better, data-driven decisions.

AI Powered Technical chops? Not required. With the help of AI, non-technical teams can easily understand and utilize data to its fullest potential.

With Latitude’s AI Assistant, you’ll be able to cut down time spent fiddling with different tools so you can quickly deliver impactful, data-driven insights.


  • Streamlined workflow
  • Multi-tool integration
  • Easy modelling
  • AI-powered for non-technical teams


  • Might have a learning curve for data analyst used to older systems
  • Heavy use might require a high-level understanding of integrations

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