Discover the Magic of Your Data with Steve, Your AI Data Assistant

In today’s data-driven environment, being able to quickly analyze and act on data can provide a significant competitive edge for your business. Handling data efficiently, however, often becomes overwhelming, especially when dealing with extensive or unstructured datasets. This is where Steve, your AI data assistant, comes into play—simplifying and empowering your data analysis with a touch of artificial intelligence.

Easily Interact and Connect with Your Data Sources

Interacting with your data has never been simpler. Whether it's an Excel file or a sophisticated database, Steve enables you to connect your data sources swiftly and efficiently. Think of this process as having three steps:

  1. Connect Your Data: You can upload an Excel spreadsheet or provide your database credentials to establish a connection. This process is designed to be straightforward, allowing you to link up multiple sources within moments.

  2. Ask Questions: Communicating with Steve is like consulting a knowledgeable colleague. Ask your questions in plain English and receive answers as if you were having a casual conversation, all while benefiting from automatic AI insights.

  3. Share Your Results: Once you've received the information you need, sharing your findings is a breeze. You can pass along the insights to teammates or clients with ease, and even offer feedback to enhance Steve's assistance.

Embrace AI-Driven Decision Making

Steve is more than just a data manager. Utilizing the latest in AI technology, he provides you with intelligent business decisions, active monitoring for changes and patterns, and proactive insights that keep you ahead of the game. This means you gain not only answers and insights but also practical steps that can drive your business towards its objectives, giving you the edge you need to succeed.

Simplify Your Data Tasks

Bid farewell to the hours spent wrestling with massive Excel files. Steve takes on the grunt work by:

  • Sorting and managing large datasets
  • Deciphering unstructured data, identifying relationships, and cleaning up the mess
  • Merging and editing files with ease, applying formulas, and encrypting data without a hiccup

It's the ideal scenario for businesses of any size—from growing companies to large enterprises to dynamic content creators.

Scale Up with Confidence

The integration of Steve into your business practices helps you save valuable time, ensures accuracy, scales up your data analysis, and provides transparency into the entire analytical process, including the reasoning behind the insights given. In addition, you can take comfort in knowing your data remains secure and within your own infrastructures, supported by encrypted credentials and top-tier security measures.

Answers at Your Fingertips

Do you have questions about how Steve or Latentspace works? Are you curious about how your private data is handled? Don't worry; all the details you need are carefully outlined in the privacy and security documentation, meaning your trust and the safety of your data are valued above all.


Incorporating AI into your data management and business intelligence strategies can bring about a revolutionary change in how you handle information. With Steve, your AI data assistant, processing data becomes less intimidating and more empowering. You save precious resources while gaining accurate, real-time insights that propel your business forward. Welcome to a world where your data works for you, making you 10x faster and infinitely more efficient.

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