Meet Steve, Your AI Data Assistant

Do you have tons of data that needs analysis, graphs, and statistical processing? Say hello to Steve, your personal AI data assistant! Upload your CSV or Excel file, and watch as Steve turns your data into meaningful insights.

How Steve Works


Steve provides complete transparency into the generation process for all insights. You can understand where the answers come from, including the reasoning process and code used for statistical analysis. This level of transparency ensures that you know exactly how your insights are being generated.


Your data is safe with Steve. He never copies your source data; it's kept within your data warehouse. This means you can rely on your data warehouse's security and compliance features to keep your data safe and secure.


Your trust is crucial, so Steve ensures that all credentials are stored encrypted using industry-standard encryption. Simply put, your data is in safe hands with Steve.

Your Data Analysis Workflow in 3 Simple Steps

Steve makes the data analysis process incredibly easy. Here's how it works:

  1. Upload your data: Simply upload a CSV or Excel file with any data you would like to analyze.
  2. Ask your questions: Talk to Steve by asking questions in plain English, just like talking to a colleague.
  3. Share your results: Easily share results with colleagues or customers. You can even share feedback to improve the AI.

Advantages of Using Steve


  • Simplified data analysis: Steve makes data analysis easy by allowing you to delegate your tasks and focus on what matters most.
  • Complete transparency: Gain full transparency into the generation process for all insights, including reasoning and statistical analysis code.
  • Reliable and secure: Your data is kept within your data warehouse without any copying, ensuring its security and compliance.


  • Limited to CSV and Excel files: While Steve excels at analyzing CSV and Excel data, the tool may not support other file formats.

Try Steve for Yourself

Steve's goal is to help you get more done, faster, and smarter. With the power of delegation, you can use Latentspace to harness the full potential of your data. It's time to get instant data answers without asking your data team, writing an SQL query, or waiting. Give it a try today—for free!

Don't let your data overwhelm you. Let Steve, your AI data assistant, turn it into actionable insights. Get started with Steve and Latentspace today and simplify your data analysis process.

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