Latch: The AI-Powered Assistant Revolutionizing Legal Contracting

In the dynamic world of legal teams, where the clarity and speed of contract negotiations can have far-reaching impacts, a new assistant has arrived on the scene. Latch integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft Word application, streamlining the contract review, modification, and summarization processes.

Simplifying Contract Review

With Latch, legal professionals can now analyze agreements swiftly, gaining immediate insights into key risks. The tool simplifies the often complex process by:

· Assembling easy-to-understand checklists tailored to various scenarios.

· Providing explanations for the fulfillment of certain requirements, along with relevant source references.

· Allowing you to pose free-form questions about your contracts, thereby enhancing your understanding and oversight.

Tailoring Contract Language

When it comes to contract negotiation, protecting your legal positions while acknowledging the counterparty's language is a delicate balance. Latch helps by:

· Generating new redline language that aligns closely with the counterparty's wording.

· Producing compromise language that is in sync with your Clause Library.

· Allowing modifications with custom instructions to ensure the suggestions fit your specific needs.

These changes are conveniently inserted right into your document with track changes, making revisions clear and easy to follow.

Streamlining Summarization

Latch understands the importance of distilling lengthy contracts into crisp summaries. It offers:

· Instant summary generation for your agreements.

· Various options for summary styles, depending on your preference.

· The ability to add custom instructions to tailor summaries to your specifications.

Support for long documents means that even the most extensive agreements can be efficiently summarized, regardless of their length.

The Power of GPT-4

What sets Latch apart is the underlying technology: powered by GPT-4, the platform boasts a high level of sophistication. So much so that GPT-4 has performed admirably in simulated legal assessments, showcasing its potential value to legal teams.

User Experience

Latch is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. With minimal implementation required, it fits directly into the natural workflow of using Microsoft Word for document creation and editing. This means no need to switch between applications or endure a steep learning curve.

Efficiency and Security Combined

By preventing bottlenecks in the contracting processes, Latch helps legal teams close contracts more quickly. Plus, with a SOC 2 Type II audit by Johanson Group LLP, users can trust that their data privacy and security concerns are taken seriously.

Getting Started

For those eager to see Latch in action, scheduling a demo is just a few clicks away. The path to begin streamlining your legal contract processes can start today, potentially saving your team immeasurable time and effort.


· Enhances efficiency by reducing contract negotiation time.

· Seamless integration with Microsoft Word.

· Generates summaries and redline language modifications with ease.

· Robust AI powered by GPT-4 for high accuracy in analysis and suggestions.

· A high standard of data security with SOC 2 Type II compliance.


· Dependency on Microsoft Word could be a limitation for those using alternative word processing software.

· May require some initial training to fully utilize all features.

For queries on data privacy or how to use Latch to its full potential, you can always refer to the company's Trust Centre and Security page, or reach out for a demo.

If you're ready to take your contracting process to the next level, consider Latch—where sophisticated AI meets the simplicity of Microsoft Word—to guide you through your legal negotiations with confidence and ease.

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