Meet LanguageTool for macOS

Imagine having a personal assistant that not only checks your writing for grammar mistakes but also helps you find the perfect tone for every message you type. That assistant is now available for macOS users through LanguageTool, making your writing polished and professional across various applications such as Apple Mail, Slack, Messages, and more.

What is LanguageTool?

LanguageTool is like having a second pair of eyes to scrutinize your text, ensuring everything you write is clear, accurate, and appropriately conveyed. It takes the guesswork out of writing, from crafting an important email to messaging a friend.

Main Features


Grammar Checker: We all make grammar mistakes, but with LanguageTool, these are a thing of the past. The grammar checker scans your text and catches common and advanced errors, guaranteeing your writing is free from embarrassing mistakes.


Tone Detection: It's not only what you say, but how you say it. LanguageTool assesses the tone of your message, so you can be confident that your writing resonates with the intended emotion and impact.

Additional Perks


Premium Benefits: LanguageTool offers a Premium version with extended capabilities. This includes unlimited paraphrasing, which allows you to express the same idea in different ways, and much more. The Premium service comes at a discounted rate, offering a valuable investment for those who take their writing seriously.


Apps & Add-ons: Extending its functionality, LanguageTool offers browser add-ons, including one for Chrome, to seamlessly integrate with your online writing. This means you're fully equipped to maintain a high standard of writing not only offline but also when crafting messages and content on the web.


Whether you're a professional writer, a student, or just someone who values clear communication, LanguageTool for macOS can enhance your writing capabilities. The tool is designed to be an integral part of your daily communication, providing you with the confidence to write well anytime, anywhere.

Although it's a robust tool, it's important to remember that no software can replace a thorough understanding of language nuances and writing styles. Human proofreading is still crucial for highly-polished, fluid writing, especially in creative and nuanced contexts.

External Resources

For those interested in exploring LanguageTool and how it can benefit your writing, you can learn more about it by visiting LanguageTool's official website. Here you can find detailed information on features, pricing for Premium services, and support for browser add-ons that extend the tool's reach to your online presence.

In conclusion, LanguageTool for macOS is an excellent addition to your writing toolkit, making it easier than ever to deliver immaculate text. Whether you're a meticulous editor or someone who just wants peace of mind before hitting "send", this tool has your back.

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