Unveiling the New Way to Learn Languages: Meet LangMob

Language learning has never been so interactive and personalized until now. With the innovative tool LangMob, learners can engage in dynamic conversations and receive tailored feedback that aligns with their specific proficiency level. This smart platform is designed to revolutionize the way individuals master new languages.

What LangMob Offers


Assistance with Homework: When language homework gets tough, LangMob is there to lend a hand. Simply upload your homework file in PDF format, and receive guided assistance to tackle even the trickiest questions.


Teaching and Learning: Dive into the "Learn" feature offered by LangMob. This platform provides structured lessons that are designed to help its users grasp and master distinct subjects within the language they are studying.


Interactive Conversations: Practice makes perfect, and LangMob takes this adage to a new level with simulated conversations led by an advanced AI chatbot, preparing you for real-world interaction in your language of choice.


A Wealth of Study Materials: No matter the niche – be it business jargon, medical terms, or handy travel phrases – LangMob delivers targeted lessons to help you expand your knowledge and master specialized areas of the language.


Quick Answers to Your Questions: Got a quick language question that needs answering? The AI chatbot is there to provide swift and accurate responses, ensuring your learning never hits a pause.

Meet the Minds Behind LangMob

The dedicated team at LangMob has one unified mission: to make language learning convenient, enjoyable, and suited to the needs of every student. The co-founders, Haroon Mohamedali and Ayan Paul, together with the talented team, including Neftali Jaimes (Head of Marketing), Yajat Bhakta (Head of Finance), Henry Castillo (Head of Development), and Yash Patel (Head of Product), are committed to helping language learners unlock their potential and communicate confidently in various tongues.

Enhance Your Language Learning Experience

Downloading the LangMob app is your ticket to a smoother and more efficient language learning journey. The application is available for download on both iOS and Android devices, making it easily accessible no matter what type of smartphone you use.

To stay updated with the latest from LangMob, you can follow their socials on various platforms where they share insights, updates, and helpful language learning tips.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to hone your language skills further, LangMob offers a comprehensive and engaging solution. This tool not only enhances your learning experience but also equips you with the confidence to converse in your new language with ease. Give LangMob a try, and witness a significant transformation in your language abilities.

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