Transform Your Team's Operations with Kypso

Discover a smarter way to manage your team's operations and scale your efficiency with Kypso, your new AI-powered sidekick. Kypso is designed to complement the software tools your team already uses, helping you to overcome project challenges and consistently deliver outstanding products.

Streamlining Team Discussions

One of Kypso's key features is its ability to ensure that every crucial conversation reaches a conclusion. With Kypso, you can avoid missing out on opportunities due to delayed responses. Every important discussion will be noted and resolved, driving your projects with greater clarity and ensuring alignment among team members.

Preventing Scope Creep

Projects are dynamic, and without a vigilant eye, scopes can quickly become hazy, leading to delays. Kypso is on the lookout for such risks, allowing you and your team to identify and address potential issues early in the process. This proactive approach aids in maintaining control of your project's timelines and budgets, providing smooth execution from inception to completion.

Maintaining Transparency with Regular Updates

Keeping stakeholders in the loop is effortless with Kypso. The tool enables consistent sharing of progress updates, fostering trust and ensuring everyone involved is aligned with the current status of the project. Kypso appreciates the unique needs of every team, which is why it offers the flexibility to build powerful, customized operations that cater to your specific operational requirements.

Prioritizing Security and Privacy

Data security and privacy are built into the core of Kypso's mission. Kypso respects the confidentiality of your data by not storing raw data from your tools. Instead, it uses permissions from your applications, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure and private.

Seamless Integrations

Kypso works in harmony with a variety of tools, with more integrations coming soon. This means you can effortlessly combine Kypso with the apps your team already relies on.

Pricing Plans Tailored to Your Needs

Kypso's pricing options are designed to accommodate teams of all sizes. With a special launch day promotion, you can start for free, offering access for up to two users and three operation types without the need for a credit card. If your team needs more, the Team package provides unlimited access to users, spaces, and operation types, complete with reporting features and a 7-day money-back guarantee. For larger enterprises requiring specialized solutions, Kypso offers custom plans with SSO integration and round-the-clock support.


Kypso invites you to embark on a journey toward operational excellence. Whether you are part of a growing start-up or a large, well-established company, Kypso provides the tools to manage and scale your team's operations effectively. By focusing on eliminating inefficiencies, avoiding unnecessary delays, and maintaining high security and privacy standards, Kypso aims to be the essential AI copilot for any ambitious team.

For those eager to experience the benefits of Kypso, join the waitlist or get started today and take the first step toward shipping better products by enhancing your team's operations.

For more information and to explore the options Kypso offers, visit the official Kypso website.

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