Do you want to make learning from videos fun and engaging? Kwizie can help make that happen! With Kwizie, you can quickly and easily turn any video into an interactive quiz game, bringing the power of AI and the excitement of multiplayer gaming to educational content. Here’s why Kwizie is the go-to choice for educators, learners, and content creators worldwide:

Fast and Intuitive

  • No need to spend hours designing interactive activities for video content. Kwizie does it for you with just a few clicks.
  • Utilize powerful analytics for data-driven learning.

Multiplayer Fun

  • Unlock a whole new way for your audience to interact and learn together with fun multiplayer games.
  • Share quiz games with friends, colleagues, or students easily via QR code or link.

Trained AI for Educational Excellence

  • Kwizie utilizes advanced AI architecture designed in Finland to deliver top-notch educational tools.
  • Dissect and focus on different parts of long videos for targeted learning.

Top Performance

  • Kwizie makes quiz game creation a breeze, combining the best AI models available today for stellar performance.
  • Use it on-the-fly anywhere you are for rapid iterative learning.

What People are Saying

Educators worldwide are impressed by the impact Kwizie has on their teaching and learning:

  • "It was very easy to create questions! My students enjoyed it, they said it was very simple to use and a great way to show what they know." - Maureen Lamb, Grade 9-12 Teacher, USA
  • “Certainly we can use it! The students said it was really easy and friendly." - Debbie Van Dyk, Professional Teaching Fellow, New Zealand
  • "This is the future of learning. Kwizie is a game changer as it transforms the traditional approach to college teaching and learning assessments.“ - Dr. Yi-Hwa Liou, Professor of Education, Taiwan

With Kwizie, you can enhance video consumption and embrace the future of engaging multiplayer learning. Try Kwizie for free today and boost learning and engagement in a whole new way!

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