Make Photos Speak Win $200 at KreadoAI's Talking Photo Creative Contest! Join Now >>AI Video Creation AI Video Creation AI Tool AI Tool AI Model AI Model Clone Service Clone Service 中文|ENLogin/RegisterFast AI videosLifelike avatar50% less time and cost Start for Free100+Digital human Digital human images with different ages, colors and professions to meet rich application scenarios Instantly convert text to speech with human-like AI voices and postures Diverse languages and voices, freely selectable140+Multiple languagesChineseEnglishPortugueseHindiIndonesian400+Voice timbreEmilyOliviaSophiaKristinJennyOrigin voice00:10Clone voice-Chinese00:11Clone voice-English00:13Clone voice-Portuguese00:12Clone voice-Hindi00:16Avatar cloneReplicate human expression 1:1 after submitting a 5-minute videoSubstitute for human on camera, applicable in various marketing scenariosZero production costCustomize Now Voice CloningReplicate human-like voices and tonalities after submitting a 5-minute audioSwitch between multiple languages after cloningUse AI-generated text-to-speech to replace human voicesCustomize Now AI fashion modelsAI wig modelAI accessories modelAI accessories model 50% Cost reduction of 50% after AI generation 35%,CPC reduction 45% Costs reduced by using AI 50% Using AI ad creative materials, a client’s advertisement CTR has increased 35% and Reduce CPC 45%AI Marketing CopywritingGenerate high-converting advertising copy that better fits your local marketing characteristicsAI Image ProcessingAutomatic recognition to remove image backgrounds in just a few secondsAI text dubbingAI voice generator can convert your text into multilingual speech in realistic, fluent and natural voiceKreadoAI是AI数字人营销视频创作平台,只需输入文本或关键词,即可创作真实/虚拟人物的多语言口播视频。提供超过100余种真人数字人物形象、140多语言配音、400余种人物音色语气,0门槛制作数字人口播视频。AI模特服务,不再需要真人实拍,用虚拟数字人模特演示穿戴效果。KreadoAI集多项AI能力于一身,让您的营销创作更快、更好、更简单。ChineseEnglishPortugueseAI face swap toolRealize the replacement of people's heads in images and videos to generate realistic, copyright-free portrait imagesGames, Tools AppE-commerceEnterprise, EducationThe advantages of human on-camera materials:Longer duration: 3 times the duration of 2D materials and 1.5 times the duration of 3D materialsHigher CTR and play rate: 20% more than othersLonger average view time: 30% higher than othersGet startedContact UsAIGC Digital Marketing Creationsupport@kreadoai.comHelp centerService TermsPrivacy Policy Copyright © 陕ICP备16009628号-11 ( function (win) { // 202390324 17:00 let rate = ChangeRatio() function ChangeRatio() { var ratio = 0; var screen = window.screen; var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); if (window.devicePixelRatio !== undefined) { ratio = window.devicePixelRatio; } else if (~ua.indexOf('msie')) { if (screen.deviceXDPI && screen.logicalXDPI) { ratio = screen.deviceXDPI / screen.logicalXDPI; } } else if (window.outerWidth !== undefined && window.innerWidth !== undefined) { ratio = window.outerWidth / window.innerWidth; } if (ratio) { ratio = Math.round(ratio * 100); } return ratio; } var tid function refreshRem () { let html = document.documentEleme

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