Increase Product Success with Kraftful

Are you tired of spending hours sifting through user feedback to understand your customers' true wants and needs? Kraftful could be the solution for you.

What is Kraftful? Kraftful is an AI-powered tool designed to help product teams build products that their users will love. By gathering feedback from over 30 different sources, including survey data, app store reviews, support tickets, and call transcripts, Kraftful can analyze millions of user insights in just minutes.

How Does Kraftful Work? Kraftful's AI qualitative analysis saves you time by uncovering user needs and providing instant lists of feature requests, popular features, and other valuable product insights. This tool also helps you understand how frequently users mention specific issues and allows you to ask follow-up questions to delve deeper into the feedback.

Why Kraftful? Innovative product teams trust Kraftful for several reasons, including the ability to:

  • Save hundreds of hours analyzing feedback
  • Uncover user needs in minutes
  • Share weekly insights with their team in Slack
  • Collaborate to discover and prioritize user insights
  • Instantly write user stories with acceptance criteria
  • Create tickets in Jira, Linear, Shortcut, or any other development tracking tool

What People Are Saying About Kraftful Industry professionals from various companies, such as Weights & Biases, Labelbox, and Square, have shared their positive experiences with Kraftful. With statements like "Kraftful’s intuitive platform makes it easy to instantly translate volumes of user feedback into actionable insights" and "Kraftful provides powerful summaries of user feedback. What previously took weeks can now get answered in minutes. Amazing!" it's clear that Kraftful is making an impact.

Pros and Cons of Kraftful Pros:

  • Saves time by instantly analyzing millions of user insights
  • Uncover user needs and requests quickly and efficiently
  • Collaborate with your team to prioritize and act on user feedback
  • Integrates with various feedback sources, making it a comprehensive solution
  • Positive feedback and testimonials from industry professionals


  • Limited to English language feedback sources
  • Some manual work may still be required for certain personalized insights

Get Started Today If you're looking for an efficient way to understand what your customers really want, consider trying out Kraftful. By connecting your feedback sources, you can streamline the process of analyzing user insights and make informed decisions to improve your products. With its powerful AI capabilities, Kraftful might just be the missing piece you need for your product's success.

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