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                A Chat Platform for
                Anime Fans

                            Character Animations

                                An AI chat platform for the cultured, where anyone can speak to
                                (or create) user-generated scarily realistic anime characters,
                                Utilizing AI text models fine-tuned specifically for anime characters.

                                Characters can even

                            display their emotions

                                visually by giving them images for various expressions.

                    Your Own

                    Cutting-Edge AI Character Customization

                                ADVANCED CUSTOMIZATION

                                Give them personality, memory, and

                                    Upload images of your favorite characters, write up some of
                                    their memories, personality traits, and expressions.

                                    Once your character is created, you can speak to them and
                                    watch as they come to life with our advanced AI models.
                                    Characters can remember what you tell them, and their dialogue
                                    will evolve over time as you continue to talk to them.

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                                PUBLISH CHARACTERS

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                                        Users can also publicly publish characters they've
                                        created, allowing anyone to speak to them.

                                        Explore the world of Korewa AI, discover new series and
                                        speak to characters new and old.

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                    THE BEST THERE IS


                        We offer a wide variety of advantages and unique features in
                        comparison to services of any similarity.

                        Advanced AI

                            Our AIs can simulate emotion with accuracy that models like the
                            ChatGPT API, which many companies, use cannot.

                        A Vivid Experience

                            No other service brings as visual of a service for anime
                            characters as we do. Nothing beats being able to see the emotion
                            on a character's face shift as you speak to them.

                        A Niche for Anime

                            While oth

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