Introducing Kombai AI-Powered UI Coding Tool

Are you tired of spending countless hours writing repetitive UI code and struggling to bring designs to life on your website or app? Enter Kombai! This revolutionary new tool is designed to make frontend development fun and efficient again. And exciting news! They've raised $4.5M in seed funding to bring this game-changing tool to developers like you.

Say Goodbye to Mundane UI Coding

Kombai is powered by cutting-edge AI technology that's trained to understand and code UI designs just like humans do. Whether it's buttons, inputs, select boxes, or complex business logic, Kombai can handle it all with ease. Here’s a quick view of what Kombai offers:

· High-quality UI code from your design files with one click per component.

· Logical div-structure & React components.

· CSS for flexible layouts without hard-coded dimensions.

· High-quality JS code with loops and conditions.

How Does Kombai Work?

Kombai gives you the ability to use your designs as you’ve got them. No need to waste time tagging, naming, or grouping elements. Kombai uses logical div-structures and human-like class and component names to make your code readable and maintainable. When it comes to CSS, Kombai generates appropriate flex properties, paddings, and alignments so you don’t have to worry about tedious styling work.

Form elements are generated as functional components, using MUI Base or HTML, making it even easier to integrate them into your project seamlessly. With Kombai, you can focus on the more challenging parts of your project, like your complex business logic, instead of worrying about the nitty-gritty details of your UI code.

Pros and Cons of Kombai


· Drastically reduces the time spent on writing styles and frontend code.

· Allows for quick translation of design files into high-quality UI code.

· Human-like class and component names make the code maintainable and understandable.

· High-quality JS code generation with ease.


· Currently, limited to chromium-based desktop browsers.

· Not compatible with mobile browsers yet, so it requires a desktop environment to use.

Kombai Goes the Extra Mile

One of the impressive features of Kombai is its "design prompt engineering." This feature allows you to steer Kombai in the right direction to get the exact code you want. Simply provide the initial prompt and engineer it to fine-tune the output code to meet your specific needs.


There's no need to spend hours writing repetitive UI code. With Kombai, you can accelerate frontend development, allowing you to focus on the more complex and engaging aspects of creating an exceptional user experience for your audience. So, say hello to a more enjoyable frontend development experience and let Kombai handle the heavy lifting! Visit Kombai's website now and watch their 2-minute demo to see it in action.

Kombai is a tool for frontend developers, working to automate and expedite the UI coding process. With AI-powered features, it's bound to change the way developers approach UI work, saving them time and effort. So, if you're a developer ready to delegate the mundane parts of frontend design, consider giving Kombai a try.

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