Knowstory: AI-Powered Document Processing for Logistics Service Providers

Is your data entry process for manifests, bills of lading, purchase orders, contracts, and invoices manual and prone to errors? If so, you need the help of Knowstory, an AI-powered document processing platform designed to fully automate your end-to-end workflows.

With Knowstory, your document processing is made much simpler. Here’s why you should consider it:


· Fully Automated Workflows: Knowstory's AI automates data extraction and entry from shipping manifests, BOLs, delivery routes, and more.

· Accounts Payable Automation: Achieve accurate accounting through the auto-processing of invoices, receipts, and POs.

· Replace Manual Data Entry: Knowstory can replace manual data entry with automated invoice data extraction and entry.

· Capture Receipts & Transactions: Extract amounts, dates, and fields from receipts, transactions, and orders effortlessly.

Security and Integration

Have concerns about the security of your data? Knowstory offers peace of mind:

· No Data Storage: Your documents and extraction results are never stored. Only your name and email are accessed.

· No Data Use for Training: Your data is never used for training purposes, meaning your private information stays private.

· Encryption in Transit: Your data is encrypted both to and from our AI models for that extra layer of protection.

Additionally, Knowstory allows you to integrate with the tools you already use. It processes any file type, format, and length, and can be connected with more than 5,000 apps. You can also run no-code automation workflows on the extracted data.


Our satisfied customers testify to the effectiveness of Knowstory:

· Tarun Aleti, CPO: "In logistics, a substantial amount of valuable data is frequently trapped within images and PDFs. Knowstory enables us to unlock this gold mine of information using AI in a faster and more cost-effective manner, ultimately enhancing our operational efficiency."

· Nyle Malik, CTO: "Knowstory slashed our document processing time by 60%. Their intuitive platform and seamless API ensure hassle-free integration right from the start."

· Ulricht Fischer, CEO: "Knowstory has helped fully automate our Accounts Payable and invoice reconciliation process, saving us 10+ hours per week in doing so. The support from Knowstory's team has been phenomenal."

Pros and Cons


· Automates document processing with high accuracy

· No data storage and advanced encryption

· Seamlessly integrates with existing tools


· May require adaptation to fully utilize the integration capabilities

To empower your business with best-in-class data extraction and document processing, the AI-engineered solutions from Knowstory are tailored for you. Take the next step towards efficient data automation by booking a demo today or contacting them for a consultation.

By utilizing Knowstory, you can reduce your operating costs, automate your data entry, and experience near-perfect extraction accuracy, all under a minute. Get in touch with them and witness how they can transform your business data processes!

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