KNO for Slack

Discover the Power of KNO: Your AI-Powered Assistant on Slack

In an age where quick access to accurate information can make or break a decision, AI-powered tools are revolutionizing the way we interact with data. Imagine a tool that can seamlessly integrate into your Slack workspace and serve as a knowledgeable assistant, ready to answer your queries with precision and speed. Welcome to the world of KNO, the cutting-edge AI tool that's creating a buzz for its remarkable capabilities.

Simplify Your Workflow with KNO

Getting started with KNO is designed to be a breeze. Its convenient presence on the Slack app marketplace means it's readily available to enhance your Slack experience. Here’s how to welcome KNO into your routine:

· Step 1: Make sure you have a Slack account and log in to your preferred workspace.

· Step 2: Navigate to the 'Browse Apps' screen by clicking the small '+' symbol next to the Apps tab on your Slack sidebar.

· Step 3: Search for KNO, select it, and you're all set! It's now time to start asking your questions and letting KNO do its magic.

What Makes KNO Stand Out?

KNO is not just another bot. It’s an intelligent companion designed to understand and answer a broad range of questions. It brings several unique features to the table:

· Default Training on GPT-3: With over 800GB of information, KNO builds upon OpenAI's formidable GPT3 model to provide you with answers.

· Custom Prescribed Sources: KNO prioritizes knowledge from your preferred sources, such as your company's support documents.

· Easy Hand-offs: When KNO senses that an answer requires human intervention, it guides users to the right personnel for further support.

Respecting Your Privacy

Privacy is at the heart of KNO. Questions posed to KNO remain secure and are never tied to your personal identity. Your conversations with KNO are kept in strict confidence, ensuring that your privacy is always maintained.

Industry Recognition

Don't just take my word for it; KNO has received glowing reviews from those who have integrated it into their workplace:

· High User Satisfaction: Users have rated KNO with a 9.4 NPS score, showing a high level of satisfaction from those who have harnessed its capabilities.

· Impressive Growth: There has been a 50% month-on-month growth in KNO user base, with 86% of users returning regularly.

Your Companion for Technical Queries and Beyond

Whether you are a technical wizard looking for AI and ML insights or someone with queries that aren't as technical, KNO has a way of pleasantly surprising everyone with its versatility.

Enjoy KNO for Free

In a world where premium services often come at a cost, KNO stands out. You can enjoy the benefits of this powerful AI assistant at no charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers to common inquiries:

· KNO's Knowledge Base: KNO is adept at answering technical questions and more, especially relating to AI and ML.

· Free to Use: There are no fees involved in using KNO—enjoy its services for free.

· Custom Training: Although still in development, the option to train KNO on specific topics will soon be possible.

· Privacy Matters: KNO takes your privacy seriously and ensures your interactions remain confidential.

· Support and Continued Improvements: Behind KNO is a dedicated team continuously working towards enhancing its capabilities.

For further information or if you have any other questions, please reach out to their support team or refer to their privacy policy for more details.

In Conclusion

KNO is an innovative tool bringing the power of intelligent, quick, and precise AI to your everyday Slack interactions. Its ability to integrate into different channels, prioritize custom information sources, and respect user privacy has made it a tool worth noting for any organization seeking to empower its personnel.

Give KNO a try, let it surprise you with its abilities, and discover the convenience of having an AI-powered assistant right within your Slack workspace.

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