Kive: Boost Your Creativity with Powerful AI Tools

Kive is a new AI-powered platform designed to assist both individuals and teams in managing visual assets, excelling in project pitches, and bringing out your best creative work—up to 10 times faster. It's a perfect tool to fuel the creativity of startups and enterprises alike.

The Ultimate in Creative Asset Management

Your creative assets are all kept orderly and conveniently centralized, ensuring that managing, discovering inspiration, and pitching your creative ideas is now simpler than ever before:


Fast, Accurate Search: Dive into your digital treasure trove of creative assets without the fuss of remembering filenames. Kive's content search enables you to find images based purely on their visual content.


Shared Boards: Collect feedback and input from your team members directly on a shared board platform.


Multimedia Content: Refill your creative reservoir with a variety of content, ranging from images to GIFs and videos. You'll never fall short of ideas with Kive's multimodal inspiration stream.

Discover Inspirational Content & Feed Your Creativity

Discover fresh ideas and perspectives from other creatives around the world with Kive's curated inspiration zone. You'll have access to a high-quality feed of creative inspiration to drive the creativity within you.


Similar Search: Easily find visually alike images using Kive's Similar Search feature, saving you time and effort in the content discovery process.


Source Tracking: Kive provides a built-in feature to trace back to the source of any material you come across. Your attributions are now hassle-free.

Create Groundbreaking Presentations with Chapters

Break through creative barriers with Kive's Chapters feature, allowing you to craft stunning presentations with ease. Save time with auto-layout and bring AI on board as your trusty creative partner.


AI Copilot: Capitalize on innovative AI technology to inspire, generate ideas, and elevate your creative writing experience.


Seamless Integration: Join the ecosystem and seamlessly import visuals from Kive into your presentations, a time-saving boon for your creative process.


Interactive Presentations: Engage with your audience more effectively by incorporating videos, GIFs, and interactive elements into your presentations, all with the help of Chapters.

Supercharge Your Workflow with AI Tools

Kive offers a suite of AI-powered tools at the heart of revolutionizing your creative workflows. Here's just a taste of what you can expect:


AI Upscale: Enhance your image resolutions with ease.


Extract Frames: Capture stills and GIFs directly from videos, unlocking further creative potential.


AI Suggestions: Allow AI to assist you in discovering similar ideas for your content boards.


AI Image Generation: Automatically generate images using AI and store them directly in your library for quick access.


Generate Social Assets: Inject your social media presence with captivating assets created directly within the Kive platform.

Upgrade your creative journey starting today with Kive's suite of powerful AI tools. Embark on your creativity revolution with Kive—get started for free now!


· Streamlined creative asset management

· Powerful AI-upscaling capabilities


· User interface may need improvement for easier navigation

· AI tools may require refined user training for optimal use

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