Navigating the labyrinth of sales tax regulations across various jurisdictions can be a daunting task for any business. Thankfully, Kintsugi provides a cloud-based platform that takes the stress out of managing sales taxes for your company. This comprehensive solution caters to the entire sales tax life cycle, from calculation to remittance, across all your sales channels.

Full Automation of Sales Tax Management

Kintsugi offers a seamless experience with its state registration feature, allowing automatic registration in every jurisdiction. This ensures that you comply with local tax obligations without the manual effort typically associated with such processes.

For businesses concerned about nexus compliance, Kintsugi provides real-time tracking and issues alerts to keep you informed. This means you'll always know where you have a tax obligation, whether it is due to a physical or economic presence, and you can stay ahead of any regulations that might affect your operation.

The days of worrying about sales tax filings are over. Kintsugi ensures your taxes are filed accurately and on time, regardless of the state or jurisdiction. And remitting your taxes is just as easy with a system that enables you to send payments with a simple click.

Impressive Results and Integration

The numbers speak for themselves. Customers report saving an average of 9 hours per month, a 98.3% reduction in errors, an 83% reduction in registration time, and a whopping 99.8% reduction in fees and penalties. Kintsugi has processed over 100 million transactions, evaluated more than 1 million transactions, and completed over 4,500 filings.

Integrating Kintsugi with your existing tech stack is a breeze. Whether you're using e-commerce platforms, billing systems, or invoicing tools, no coding is necessary to get started.

Meet TaxGPT: Your AI Tax Assistant

Every business could use an expert in their corner, and TaxGPT serves as just that—your secure sales tax advisor. It's designed to understand your business in-depth, providing accurate insights and instant support.

Customer Satisfaction

Kintsugi's clientele, which includes fast-growing companies, is testament to the tool's effectiveness. Here's what some users are saying:

· MyStartupCFO appreciates how Kintsugi handles complex state laws and regulations, saving them from having to rely solely on CPAs.

· CabiFoods found Kintsugi's Shopify integration invaluable, as it allows them to concentrate on business growth.

· Gwella applauds the platform's hassle-free nature and friendliness to startup budgets.

· Customers named Laurie, Peter, Lindsey, Michael, and Amanda all rave about the convenience and time savings, stating that managing taxes has never been more straightforward since using Kintsugi.

Pros and Cons of Using Kintsugi


· End-to-end automation saves significant time and effort.

· Real-time nexus tracking prevents compliance issues.

· Easy integration with existing systems.

· Reduction in human errors and associated fees.


· Reliance on a digital platform for compliance requires trust in tech security.

· May require a learning curve for those new to tax automation.

Kintsugi is clearly transforming the way businesses handle their sales tax obligations, offering a modern, automated approach to an age-old problem. With features like real-time nexus tracking and automatic filing and remittance, along with a reliable AI tax assistant, Kintsugi proves to be more than a convenience—it's a necessary tool for efficient business operations.

As tax regulations continue to evolve, the importance of having a proficient system to manage the complexities of sales tax is undeniable. By using a solution like Kintsugi, your business can stay compliant, avoid unnecessary penalties, and focus on what it does best—growing and thriving in today's competitive marketplace.

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