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November 22, 2023

In the world of growing e-commerce, staying on top of sales tax can be a daunting task for companies. Keeping up with different state regulations, deadlines, and the endless paperwork is enough to make anyone's head spin. Enter Kintsugi, a cloud-based sales tax solution that promises to take the headache out of tax compliance.

Kintsugi offers a fully automated system that handles the entire sales tax lifecycle for businesses. With over 50 fast-growing companies putting their trust in this platform, it's proving to be a game-changer in the market. Here's what this innovative tool offers:

State Registration Navigating the complex landscape of state tax regulations is no small feat. Kintsugi simplifies this by offering automatic registration in every jurisdiction, reducing the time and effort needed to keep up with tax obligations.

Real-time Nexus Monitoring Kintsugi ensures businesses stay compliant without the hassle of monitoring nexus thresholds themselves. It keeps an eye on your business activities and sends real-time alerts if you're approaching or exceeding sales thresholds in any jurisdiction, ensuring you're registered and remitting sales tax as needed.

Accurate Filing and Remittance Perhaps the most significant worry for businesses is ensuring taxes are filed correctly and on time. Kintsugi's platform automates this process, handling tax filings and remittances with the ease of a click, regardless of the state or jurisdiction.

Seamless Integration The system integrates effortlessly with your existing e-commerce, billing, and payroll applications, requiring no coding to set up. This seamless integration means less time fussing over software compatibility and more time growing your business.

Data-Driven Insights In addition to handling the nuts and bolts of tax compliance, Kintsugi provides valuable insights into your sales tax obligations. By analyzing your presence across jurisdictions, the platform aids in identifying where you need to pay tax, offering guidance and clarity.

AI-Powered Support TaxGPT acts as your virtual tax assistant, available to provide accurate information and instant support tailored to your business needs, ensuring you're making the best decisions based on solid data.

Customers have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with Kintsugi's service, highlighting the time and money saved, as well as the reduced stress associated with tax season. With positive feedback coming from multiple users, it's clear that Kintsugi is delivering on its promise to make sales tax management effortless and error-free.


  • It reduces the time required for sales tax compliance significantly.
  • Real-time tracking minimizes the risk of penalties and interest due to non-compliance.
  • Automated processes reduce human errors drastically.
  • The platform offers a clear financial return on investment with reduced effort for businesses.
  • No coding is needed for integration, making it easy for companies to adopt.


  • Dependency on technology might be concerning for businesses not comfortable with cloud-based solutions.
  • Initial setup and understanding of the platform might require some learning curve.
  • Businesses with highly specialized needs may require further customization.

Kintsugi appears to be delivering a comprehensive and hassle-free solution for businesses grappling with the challenges of sales tax compliance. With automation and AI assistance, companies can redirect their focus to growth and operations, trusting that Kintsugi is keeping their sales tax obligations in check.

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