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Kino AI

November 22, 2023
Kino AI

Are you seeking a tool to assist in organizing and managing your video files? Kino is an AI assistant designed to track footage metadata and organize media assets. Whether you're a documentarian, short film director, content creator, or anyone else working with video, Kino aims to simplify the process of organizing and editing your videos. Below are some key features and benefits of this AI tool:


  • Smart Metadata Labeling: Kino automatically populates metadata into a digital codebook, ensuring compatibility with any editing environment.
  • Efficient File Editing: Incorporate Kino's smart tools into any workflow to efficiently organize and edit your footage.
  • AI Transcription: Kino is capable of watching and listening to your footage and can name files using slate information, mark points of interest, and match scenes to a script.
  • Backup and Sync: Automatically backup files from your SD cards to designated locations, compatible with external hard drives and cloud storage solutions.
  • Additional Automation: Automatic audio-visual sync, sound artifact removal, and proxy file generation all through a seamless file browser.


  • Streamlines tedious and manual aspects of video editing
  • Helps to keep media assets organized and accessible
  • Compatible with common storage devices and cloud solutions


  • Relatively new AI tool, potential for unknown bugs or early-stage limitations

Sign up now to get early access to Kino. With their private beta coming soon, this is your chance to join the waitlist and revolutionize your video editing workflow. This is an opportunity to enhance your video editing capabilities with Kino AI.

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