Khrisa A.I.

Enhancing Document Interaction with Khrisa

Navigating PDFs and extracting pertinent information can often prove to be a pain point for professionals across various industries. Enter Khrisa, a cutting-edge tool designed to transform the way you interact with your PDF documents. By integrating artificial intelligence, Khrisa turns your static PDFs into dynamic resources that respond to your queries.

Instant Processing for Immediate Answers

When you upload your PDFs into Khrisa—whether they are lengthy technical manuals, intricate blueprints, or expansive documents—the tool's proprietary engine rapidly processes the files. It's as simple as dragging and dropping your files into the platform; within seconds, they are ready for use.

AI-Enhanced Query Abilities

What truly sets Khrisa apart is its ability to let you converse with your documents. Utilizing OpenAI's powerful chatGPT, the tool extracts key information and organizes it so that you can directly ask questions and get answers from your PDFs. It's like having a knowledgeable assistant residing within each document, ready to answer your questions in natural language.

Share and Collaborate with Ease

Khrisa also excels at facilitating collaboration. You can easily share processed documents with colleagues, clients, or anyone else. This allows multiple users to benefit from the platform's AI capabilities, fostering a more collaborative and interactive document-handling experience.

Intelligent Image and Text Recognition

The platform's sophisticated import pipeline utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and smart image detection to thoroughly comprehend each page of your document. This attention to detail ensures that no piece of information, be it in text or image form, goes unnoticed by the AI.

Seamless User Experience

Users have found Khrisa to be a user-friendly and efficient solution for their document-related tasks. It not only accelerates the process of retrieving information but also adds a level of depth to the interaction that traditional PDF readers cannot match.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Khrisa welcomes a diverse range of PDFs, from academic materials to complex architectural designs. It also supports interaction through various language models such as chatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4, with plans to expand to other models like Vertex AI.

Support and Security

With flexible monthly and annual plans, Khrisa caters to individual and business needs alike. All financial transactions are handled securely through, and there's a generous file size limit to accommodate substantial documents. Khrisa is not limited to PDFs; efforts are underway to support other document types and integrate with CRM and ERP systems for a more comprehensive experience.

Looking Ahead

While there isn't a specific chatGPT plugin or Chrome extension at the moment, the team is considering these options and welcomes feedback from users.


  • AI-powered search and information retrieval from PDFs.
  • Collaborative features for teams.
  • Supports a variety of language models.
  • High file size limits.


  • No plugin or browser extension yet.
  • Currently limited to PDFs, with other formats in development.

For more information on Khrisa and to explore demos and technology previews, visit the platform's website and discover how it can streamline your document management processes.

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