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November 20, 2023

Keytrends is an AI-powered tool that helps you generate unique, high-quality content at lightning speed. It provides over 30 templates to write content up to 10 times faster using GPT3.5.

In just 45 seconds, you can uncover your users' search intentions and analyze your competition's content without needing to leave the tool. This includes creating SEO briefings in just 1 minute!

Stay ahead of the curve by automatically detecting hundreds of new trends based on the latest data from Google Trends, allowing you to generate content aimed at growing your traffic, revenue, and brand.

Schedule the topics you want to cover, manage your content, assign publishers, and meet deadlines without any hassle, ultimately helping you publish 75% more content.

Keytrends is invaluable to a wide range of companies and individuals, including agencies, media outlets, ecommerce businesses, and SEO freelancers. It's for anyone looking to save time, boost their visibility, and create well-informed, trend-specific content.


  • Saves time by providing content generation templates
  • Offers user and competition research in one place
  • Automatically detects trending topics
  • Helps manage content better and optimize publishing schedules


  • Relies on Google Trends data for trend detection
  • May require some time to learn the tool's features

In conclusion, Keytrends is an excellent solution for anyone struggling to keep up with content creation, user research, and industry trends. Whether you're a large agency or a freelance SEO professional, this tool is designed to bring efficiency and effectiveness to your content strategy, all while ensuring that you’re informed about the latest trends and user intents.

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