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November 22, 2023
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Personalized ChatGPT for Your Business

Are you looking for an AI-powered tool to enhance your website's interaction with customers? KAOFFEE offers the perfect solution for you. With KAOFFEE's personalized ChatGPT, you can train the AI model on your own data and embed it on your website to provide a seamless and interactive experience for your visitors.

Training Custom Chat Modules

KAOFFEE's ChatGPT allows you to train the AI model on your own dataset. Whether it's customer queries, product information, or any other text-based content, you can customize the AI to provide accurate and relevant responses. The demo using Microsoft's 2023 Q3 earning call transcript showcases the capabilities of the AI model in answering questions or searching for specific information within lengthy documents.

Personalize and Embed

Adding a personalized ChatGPT to your website is simpler than you think. With just a few button clicks, you can seamlessly integrate the AI chat agent into the bottom corner of your website. Not only can it help you collect data from customers, but it also serves as a reliable source for answering questions about your business, product, or service.

Simple and Easy to Use

KAOFFEE has streamlined the process of creating your own personalized ChatGPT. With only 3–4 simple steps, a few button clicks, and a little typing, you can have your own chat agent up and running in just 10 minutes. Providing access to the message history log, KAOFFEE ensures that all data is securely stored on AWS, and you have full control over your chat module.

Best Practices for Training GPT

When training your ChatGPT, KAOFFEE offers the following best practices:

  • Use .txt files for best performance and accuracy
  • Properly use punctuation and capitalization for better understanding
  • Good line and paragraph breaks for improved accuracy
  • Avoid tables and charts by translating them into descriptions

Customize Your Chat Module

KAOFFEE allows for complete customization of your chat module, from the company logo to the chat bubble position. You can even adjust the temperature for more creative responses. The simple and intuitive interface gives you full control over the behavior and appearance of your personalized ChatGPT, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your brand's identity and communication style.

How to Embed Your Chat Module

Embedding your chat module to the bottom right corner of your website is a breeze with KAOFFEE. Simply copy and paste the provided code snippet into your root HTML, and your personalized ChatGPT is ready to engage with your website visitors, providing them with valuable information and support.


  • Easy and intuitive customization of chat module
  • Quick and efficient training of ChatGPT
  • Seamless integration with any website


  • Limited to text-based interactions
  • Requires regular updates to maintain accuracy

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