Streamline Your Coding Experience with Kamara

Welcome to the modern era of coding, where artificial intelligence steps in to make the developer's life easier. Meet Kamara, the AI-powered tool designed to enhance your productivity. This handy AI coder, available as a Visual Studio Code extension, transforms the way you build software by understanding your codebase and seamlessly incorporating features across multiple files.

Simplify Your Workflow

Developers know the value of time - every second counts when you're in the zone, focusing on crafting the best software. With Kamara's intuitive coding assistance, you're equipped to scale up your productivity to new heights. Say goodbye to manually navigating through countless lines of code and let Kamara take the wheel.

Getting Up and Running

Setting up Kamara is a breeze. Follow these few simple steps to integrate this attentive assistant into your coding process:

· Install Kamara as an extension from your Visual Studio Code environment.

· Within the Kamara pane, you'll find a login button — press it.

· Use your GitHub or Google account credentials to access your Kamara account.

· Create a .kamara.json configuration file in your project's root directory, specifying the description and the folders where your source files are located.

· Purchase credits, and you're all set to let Kamara handle the heavy lifting.

As a tip for getting Kamara to give its best performance, keep in mind it's well-versed in TypeScript, although it's been tested in various languages. Also, Kamara shows its full potential when dealing with smaller files, but it can also assist in breaking down large ones into more manageable pieces. The clearer your instructions, the more accurate the output.

Affordable on Demand

Pricing won't be a blocker. Kamara operates on a credit system that accommodates your needs based on actual usage. You're only charged for the code Kamara reads and writes. With an accessible rate of $10 per 200k credits, this allows for flexible planning according to your coding demands.

About the Team

We are a dedicated duo of Software Engineers, Gonza Nardini and Diego Vazquez, committed to continually refining Kamara. While our backgrounds are rooted in software development, our passion lies in providing tools that free up more time for developers to innovate rather than getting bogged down by repetitive tasks.

We Value Your Input

Your experiences and points of view are essential to us. For this reason, we eagerly await your feedback through our provided form and invite you to join the conversation on our Discord server. It's your insights that aid us in enhancing Kamara to better meet your coding needs.

In today's fast-paced software development landscape, an AI companion like Kamara is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. Whether you're carving out your personal website or dealing with enterprise-grade applications, Kamara stands ready to help you build smarter, not harder.

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