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Kali Calendar Scheduler

May 17, 2024
Kali Calendar Scheduler

Kali: Your AI Calendar Scheduler

In the rhythm of modern life, juggling between appointments and commitments can be a taxing endeavor. Thankfully, technology is here to ease the strain with tools like Kali – a smart and intuitive AI calendar scheduler that makes managing your time a breeze.

Kali is essentially a personal scheduling assistant enclosed within your iPhone. This AI-driven chatbot simplifies the process of organizing events in your calendar. If you've ever felt overwhelmed with the endless scrolling and tapping to find a spot for your next meeting or remembering to schedule some downtime, Kali is crafted for you.

Imagine this: you just got a new book and are dying to dive into it. Instead of frantically searching for a free slot in your day, simply message Kali with your request for more reading time. Kali will seamlessly find a suitable space in your schedule.

Maybe you need to pick up a loved one from the airport? Let Kali know, and it won't just carve out time for the airport run; it will also schedule a moment for you to grab some flowers or craft that warm "Welcome Home" sign.

Features & Functionality

  • Scheduling: Kali doesn’t just add events; it intelligently schedules them around your existing commitments.
  • Editing Events: Change of plans? Kali now enables you to edit or delete events effortlessly.
  • Conversations: Interact with Kali as if you were texting a friend. Kali can hold a conversation to understand your scheduling needs better.


  • Time-Saving: Kali removes the tedium of managing your calendar manually.
  • Convenience: With a few simple texts, you can orchestrate your schedule without interruption.
  • Intuitive: Kali is designed to understand a wide array of scheduling requests and preferences.

What's New?

With the recent update on October 23, 2023, Version 1.1, Kali's capabilities have expanded, allowing for more nuanced interactions with your calendar such as editing or deletion of events and holding more intricate conversations about your scheduling needs.

Privacy and Data Handling

The developer, John-Paul Evans, has made it clear that privacy is taken seriously. For detailed information on how your data is handled, you can review the privacy policy provided by Prydwen Technologies LLC.

The app's compatibility is extensive, supporting iPhones running on iOS 12.4 or later, iPod touch with the same iOS requisites, and Macs with macOS 11.0 or later paired with an Apple M1 chip or above. The app is currently free, with optional in-app purchases for those seeking additional features.


Kali is more than just a digital assistant; it's a lifestyle enhancer for those valuing their time and peace of mind. Whether you require a meticulous planner for professional engagements or a personal assistant to carve out leisure time, Kali stands ready to meet the challenge. With its simple text interface and keen AI, scheduling has never felt so effortless.

For more details, terms of use, or to download, you can visit the Mac App Store.

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