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Discover Your Next Career Adventure with JobLens

Navigating the crowded job market can often feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn't need to be that way. Imagine having a personal assistant dedicated to scouring job postings for you, aligning opportunities with your exact preferences. With JobLens, this vision becomes a reality!

JobLens is an innovative tool that transforms your job hunting experience using the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

How JobLens Works

This smart tool takes the heavy lifting out of your job search by gathering numerous listings and presenting them to you in a streamlined manner. Here's a breakdown of the process:


Select Your Sources: JobLens scans through various job sources, such as monthly "Ask HN: Who is hiring?" feeds from Hacker News, letting you sift through assorted opportunities.


Define Your Preferences: Customize your job search based on different criteria. Whether you're looking for a role in a corporation, a startup, or a non-profit, JobLens has you covered. You can also filter opportunities based on whether they're remote, on-site, or hybrid.


Location-based Opportunities: The tool allows you to pinpoint job openings in specific countries, so no matter where you wish to work, JobLens connects you with relevant roles.


Customize Role and Industry: Select the role type and industry that best suit your career goals to ensure that the search results are tailored to your professional aspirations.


Salary and Technology Filters: While not all jobs disclose salary information upfront, you can set your desired minimum salary and preferred technologies to further refine your search.

The AI Behind JobLens

Under the hood, JobLens uses AI to convert various unstructured job postings into a unified structure. With evolving AI features, like new GPT functions and extended context windows, JobLens doesn't rely on traditional custom NER (Named Entity Recognition) pipelines. This means it's more efficient at handling jobs 'out-of-the-box'.

Personalization is Key

In the near future, JobLens aims to offer further customization options for job seekers. You'll have the chance to tailor the sources of job listings even further, including the ability to add listings from your favored companies.

What's more, the potential for AI to monitor not just job opportunities but also local events and real estate tailored to your preferences is on the horizon.

Why Choose JobLens?


· Streamlined job search experience tailored to your preferences.

· Easy-to-use filters such as role, industry, salary, and technology.

· Cutting-edge AI integration for efficient information processing.

· Future updates promise even more personalization and broader monitoring.


· Salary details may not be available for all job listings.

· Custom source functionality is still in development.

If you have any feedback or ideas, the folks at JobLens are just an email away at hello@kadoa.com. They are always looking forward to hearing from users.

Wrapping Up

Your job search doesn't have to be daunting anymore. With JobLens, the path to your dream job is clearer. Give it a try and step into the future of job hunting! For more information, visit JobLens and start charting your career path today.

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