Simplifying Resource Discovery with PeopleGPT 2.0

Welcome to the world of PeopleGPT 2.0, your innovative solution for effortlessly finding the right people for various needs such as recruiting, customer discovery, or research. With PeopleGPT 2.0, you can wave goodbye to complex search queries and welcome a user-friendly approach to identifying the talent and contacts you need.

Trusted by an extensive community, including 25,000 teams, recruiters, and hiring managers, this tool has revolutionized the process of searching for qualified candidates and professional connections.

A Natural Approach to Search

At the core of PeopleGPT 2.0 is a robust natural language processing system that makes searching as simple as having a conversation. You no longer need a background in Boolean logic to find a senior engineer or an AI/ML developer. Just describe who you are looking for, and PeopleGPT 2.0's Juicebox does the rest, generating search queries tailored to your description. Editing or fine-tuning the search queries is always an option, empowering you with flexibility and control.

Real-Time Data Across Multiple Sources

In the pursuit of ideal candidates or contacts, PeopleGPT 2.0 diligently combs through professional profiles, tech-oriented websites, published papers, and more. The search is expansive and instantaneous, increasing the likelihood of discovering even the most elusive talent.

Advanced Interaction with AI

Building a definitive search profile doesn't require tedious profile analysis. You can delve into the specifics of a candidate's experiences and skills by posing questions to Juicebox, and let the AI handle the nuanced task of search refinement.

Engage with Smart Outreach

Once you've pinpointed the perfect match, it’s time to engage them. Juicebox lends you a hand by customizing your email outreach, ensuring it remains in your authentic tone and style, which can significantly boost response rates.

Global Talent at Your Fingertips

PeopleGPT 2.0’s extensive reach spans nearly a billion profiles around the world, enhancing your ability to conduct highly specific searches. After finding the ideal candidate, you'll have immediate access to their contact information, streamlining the connection process.

The Advantages of Context-Driven Search

By transcending traditional Boolean search parameters, PeopleGPT 2.0 adds an edge to your recruitment strategy, allowing you to find talent based on context. This means precise matches with less effort and no keyword overload.

Tailored Features for Varied Uses

PeopleGPT 2.0 understands the diverse needs of its users, which is why it provides various features:

· Contact Info: Access personal emails, professional contacts, and phone numbers verified in real time, with a 95% deliverability guarantee.

· Integrations: Effortlessly sync with numerous ATS systems and CRMs, export detailed CSVs, and incorporate your Gmail or Outlook for coherent outreach.

· Diversity: Unveil candidates from different backgrounds to enrich your pipeline, promoting diversity and inclusivity within your team or network.

Reviews from actual users like Billie Spencer, Staff Technical Recruiter at Wave Talent, highlight the tool's efficacy in sourcing challenging profiles, particularly in technical domains where specificity is key.

A Few Considerations

While the benefits of PeopleGPT 2.0 are numerous, it's also important to consider a few points when using AI-powered recruitment tools:

· Ensure that reliance on AI doesn't replace human judgment. A balanced approach combining AI efficiency with human discretion is ideal.

· Be mindful of privacy concerns and ensure any outreach complies with data protection regulations to maintain ethical standards.

· Keep your candidates' experience in mind, ensuring that automation doesn't make the process impersonal.


PeopleGPT 2.0 is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for professionals seeking the right talent or connections seamlessly. By harnessing the potential of AI, it's reshaping and simplifying the search process, giving back valuable time to its users. Whether you're in recruitment, sales, or any field requiring precise people search capabilities, PeopleGPT 2.0 is equipped to become a cornerstone of your success.

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