Book a DemoMenuWhat we doWho we areSolutionsBenchmarksOpen Geo CommunityRegister interestJoin our teamJua is harnessing data, metrics and deep neural network learning to deliver accuracy in measurement and modelling for weather, climate and atmosphere.AI for weather-dependent energy tradingTrade energy with high-accuracy weather predictionsBook a DemoAs known fromWhat we doLeveraging fundamentally new technology and tens of millions of primary data points, we operate the first AI “Large Physics Model” predicting weather with extreme high accuracy, precision, and speed.16 days forecastOutpace the competition with exact insightsWhether you need wind at 100m, or super accurate temperature and solar forecasts - Jua predicts all the weather parameters you need in energy trading for up to 16 days.Uncorrelated data sourcesLeverage the power of a wealth of new data sourcesJua leverages the power of millions of new data points in the predictions - increasing prediction accuracy vs. incumbent models with uncorrelated data.Unmatched temporal accuracyPinpoint the exact timing of weather eventsTroubled by the timing of significant weather events? Jua’s state-of-the-art, high-accuracy forecasting delivers unparalleled temporal precision for your weather predictions.Extreme high forecast accuracyUnderstand the scale of weather events with high accuracyHarnessing millions of fresh data points, we provide you with supremely accurate forecasts, empowering you to detect storms and assess the scale of weather patterns with exceptional clarity.100% powered by proprietary AI and new dataUnlock exclusive insights from a unique data sourceJua stands apart from traditional post-processed forecasts reliant on third-party weather models. Instead, Jua introduces a novel weather model, employing petabytes of primary data, innovative data sources, and cutting-edge AI technology to pioneer the world’s first “Large Physics Model” of the atmosphere. With Jua, you access uniquely insightful data.Learn more about Jua:See a sample of the Jua model’s forecastThe Jua model has a higher accuracy at 18 hours than the ECMWF’s IFS.Jua - 18 hours precipitation forecastIFS - 18 hours precipitation forecastSee All BenchmarksHigh accuracy 1.0Low accuracy 0.0SolutionsJua has been developed with the energy industry in mind. Lear

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